Friday, November 25, 2011

Continued Support

The Fitch family did a lemonade stand for Jaylie. We don't even directly know them. So sweet! I shed good tears everytime I hear of someone doing something like this for our little Jaylie. It means so much!

The Mehok family that lives in our neighborhood did a lemonade stand for Jaylie and brought the money by in this cute jar they decorated. We have never met them either.

My great friend Heather did a booth at our neighborhood fall festival to raise awareness and got donations.

Someone donated money to Jaylie's fund and wrote this. Here's a little something to help with the expenses of treatment. And here's a thought from Elder Maxwell: "The cavities carved in our soul by adversity often become the receptacles of joy."

The Larsen family, who we have never met, sold cookies in their neighborhood for Jaylie and then sent her a package with the money and cute cards and stuff.

There are so many more people and families who have done nice things for us over the last 7 months. We appreciate everything! I wish I were better about remembering to put things on the blog.

Happy Birthday Breklyn!!

Breklyn had a birthday on October 15th, I am so far behind on my blogging! I know everyone says how fast time goes but seriously I can't believe she is 3! She is such a sweet little princess. She is all girl and loves anything girlie. Lipstick, lipgloss, painting her nails, dress up, makeup, curling her hair, jewelry, and bows are her favorites. She is so much more girly than Jaylie and I thought Jaylie was pretty girlie :) She can be the sweetest thing ever and the sassiest thing ever and can switch between the two in a matter of seconds. I absolutely adore this little girl!

She wanted to shave her head when Jaylie did and was upset that we didn't let her
She wants to be just like her big sis
She loves crew and gives him lots of loves
She loves having dance parties
She loves playing with friends
She loves dress up
She loves shoes--hers, Jaylie's and mine
She loves Dora 
She loves watermelon and grapes
She loves bell peppers in all the colors and eats them like they're candy
She loves books and likes to pretend reading them to herself
She loves playing outside and getting dirty
She likes watching Tangled and other princess shows with Jaylie
She likes flowers and picks wild flowers any chance she gets
She loves playing mommy and baby. She plays it all the time with all the babysitters

Some funny things Breklyn has said recently:

I said to Breklyn, "I don't ever want u to grow up please don't grow up okay?" She said "sorry I'm going to grow up, I need to go to mutual".  Mutual is what we call the mid week youth group activity at my church. I work with the youth girls at my church and go to these activities every week so she always sees me go. It was so cute!

Breklyn was with Kip the other night and she said "You be the king and I will be the queen and we need to kiss". Kip kissed her and she said "no we have to do it longer with our eyes closed" and then they kissed for 30 sec.  I have no idea where she got that from!

She is into manners lately. Breklyn wacked Jaylie on accident and it hurt her so Breklyn said sorry and Jaylie just kept crying. Then Breklyn started crying and said "she needs to say it's ok"!

We made a pretend cake and Breklyn told me to make a wish and blow out the candles. She said "Wish for a mirror to look in".  I said "Why, you like to look in mirrors?" and she paused then said "Because your so cute".

She loves witches and is obsessed with them. She wants a witch story every night and she always wants it about a mean witch, a nice witch, a princess and a prince. She was a nice witch for Halloween too. 

She loves having babysitters. Breklyn and Jaylie actually told me the other day that they wanted me to go to the store or something and have a sitter come over. They tried to talk me into it like 5 times that day.

Pictures from her Strawberry Party. Our schedule is so crazy that time crept up on me and before I knew it we were a couple weeks away from Breklyn's birthday. I didn't have a lot of time to plan a party but I was able to pull it off.  3 of Breklyn's little girl friends came and 2 of Jaylie's came. They had fun and Breklyn loved every minute of it! We planned to have it at a park but it rained the day of her party so we had to do it in our house last minute. We had the car packed up with all the party stuff and everything and the second we got everything in the car it started pouring! Just our luck, but we really needed the rain so we didn't complain :)  We blew up a bounce house in the living room and let them play in there, did cupcakes, a game, and then presents. You will notice in the pictures below that Breklyns cheeks are all red. It was from playing so hard in the bounce house!  Thank you to everyone who came!

Pin the jewel on Strawberry Shortcake

 Opening Presents
The bounce house we had set up. One of our neighbors was moving and didn't want to move this so they gave it to us. It is huge! It hardly fit in the living room! They had fun on it though, I know I got more pictures of it but I can't find them.

The party favors

All the girls except one of Jaylie's friends.

Here are some more pictures of Breklyn that I love.
I love this picture of her.

Posing in the park in New Mexico.

She wants to be just like Jaylie. She draws ports on her chest all the time. She wants a port and wants cancer so she can go to appointments and be just like Jaylie.  All of her stuffed animals and babies have had cancer and brain surgery, its kind of cute but sad at the same time.

Any one who knows her knows she loves lipstick and lipgloss! She usually does an ok job, but this time she got it all over :)

Love these ones from the 5k. Someone gave her a ring pop and she loved it!