Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slipper Drive/Jaylie Update

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Ours was great, we went to Utah for 2 weeks and since we have been back things have been overly crazy! We just got all of our Christmas stuff put away today, how sad is that! That's how busy things have been :)

We are so thankful to all of you who helped with the Slipper Drive in any way. We are so thankful for good people like you. The cancer kids and parents are grateful too. We have gotten a great response from them, they loved it! We have decided we will make it a tradition and do it every year. Our total was right around 1300 pairs of slippers!! Thank you! We even had some packages of slippers waiting for us when we got back after the holidays. I think we will either hold onto them for next year or mail them to children who are going through cancer treatments that we know through facebook and various groups :) We took 2 large bags of slippers up to Utah with us and took them to the Children's Hospital there in Salt Lake City. It was a really neat hospital and its sooo cold there, I know they will go to good use. Thank you everyone for bringing smiles to these little fighters faces! They sure do deserve it!

Jaylie is doing well. She has her next MRI scheduled for February 4th and then her neuro-onc appointment the very next day, which means we only have to wait one day for the results! Thank goodness! The wait is so crazy hard, so we are very grateful that it turned out this way.  Jaylie will also have surgery soon to get her port taken out and to cover up the "hole in her skull" from her last surgery. We are hoping to do the surgeries together to minimize her going under anesthesia 3 times in one month. If all works out, she will go under twice, one for MRI and one for surgeries. She does really well with anesthesia, so its not that big of a deal, it would just be nice to combine them :) She is not too excited about surgery, but she is always brave when the time comes. Please keep her in your prayers that her cancer will never return and her scans will all be clear!!

Team Jaylie is awesome!! Thank you sooo much everyone!

Here is our Christmas card from 2012:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The kids at Jaylie's school celebration

Our door with all the Christmas cards. We love them!

Nana and Papa gave Crew these hulk gloves for Christmas and he is obsessed!

Pictures in the car, we got them glow sticks to keep them entertained in the dark. They did so good driving to Utah!

The kids loved the snow!

Kip and his brothers!!

Doing Gangnam Style for us :)

Train ride to Salt Lake

Jaylie lost a tooth :)

Temple square. It was freezing!!

Horse sleigh ride. We all got stomach bug really bad and I got it the night before we had this sleigh ride planned :( Kip took the kids and everyone had fun!

We took some of the slippers from the Team Jaylie slipper drive up to Utah with us and dropped them off at the Childrens hospital there :) Jaylie and the other kids were so excited to do it. I loved seeing my kids being so sweet and caring and saying over and over that giving is better than getting.