Friday, November 30, 2012

American Girl Doll

 It was so neat to meet this amazing 7 year old who raised money to buy the girls who are cancer patients American Girl dolls. We were so honored to be a part of it. We are always so thankful for people like her making a difference in these kids lives. Jaylie and Breklyn were both able to get a doll, they were so excited! Here are the articles and news videos about it! The first article and video shows Jaylie quite a bit and the second one shows our friend Nicole :)

Girl, 7, gives dolls to cancer patients

Link to video:

by Quita Culpepper and Photojournalis Erin Coker / KVUE News
Posted on November 12, 2012 at 6:07 PM
Updated Monday, Nov 12 at 7:41 PM

AUSTIN -- It’s a gift from the heart as a young Austin girl spreads cheer to cancer patients.
Seven-year-old Scarlett Milling spent weeks running her own lemonade stands trying to raise money for her project. And all that hard work paid off.
Jaylee Nielson, also 7, has spent time in the hospital before.
“It just wasn't that fun,” she said. The little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 5.  After surgery, radiation and chemo, she was fine, until now.
“All her scans have been clean except this last one, they found a spot on her bone in her skull so she just had surgery on Friday,” said Kajsa Nielson, Jaylee’s mother.
But this visit to Dell Childrens Medical Center is different, because she’ll be leaving with a new friend – an American Girl doll. “They seem real and I like them,” Jaylee said. “They have long hair.”
The American Girl dolls are a gift from 7-year-old Scarlett Milling. After her mother read her a story about young cancer patients, Scarlett decided she wanted bring smiles to sick children.
“I did three lemonade stands,” she said.
The elementary school student also raised money online.
“I raised 25 hundred dollars,” said Scarlett.
Twenty-five little girls got their own American Girl doll, and there was enough money left over for each of their sisters as well.
“She found out the number of dolls that were needed and she started from there,” Mary Moore, Scarlett’s mother said. “We just watched her do it; we were really impressed with her initiative.”
“I think anything that can lighten their hearts a little bit even if it's an American Girl doll, is a good thing," said Dr. T.J. Milling, Scarlett’s father.
The girls were treated to an American Girl doll fashion show, then they were given dolls of their very own.
“It makes me feel very happy and blessed,” said 8-year-old Princess Gant.
Scarlett says she's already planning her next effort to raise money. She wants to buy more of the dolls to give to girls at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

A girl's mission to spread joy to kids fighting cancer

Link to video:

A brand new doll can cheer up just about any little girl, and one Austin 7-year-old is spreading the joy to some kids at Dell Children's Medical Center who are fighting cancer and blood disorders.
Scarlett Milling decided over the summer that it would be a good idea to raise money to buy dolls for girls her age since she loves the dolls so much. Three lemonade stands and an online fundraising campaign later, she collected $2500 she needed to buy 25 American Girl dolls.
"It will make them happy and they won't be scared anymore," explained Milling just minutes before she got to hand out the dolls. Her parents, Mary Moore and Dr. T.J. Milling couldn't be more proud of their second grader.
"It's a long time for follow through and we're impressed and very proud," said Moore of her daughter.
Scarlett made sure the girls got to pick out their own dolls.
For 5-year-old Nicole Rivera, the doll couldn't have come at a better time. She opened her new gift just hours before surgery. Doctors discovered a plum sized tumor in her brain last year and while she's cancer free, she is still fighting the side effects.
"I was so worried and mom told me to get the doll because I've wanted it forever," Nicole said with a big smile on her face. "I love it."
"It's so great to see other little girls who are caring about her," said Nicole's mom, Christy.
Nicole decided it would be a good idea to name her new doll Scarlett after her new friend.
Hugging her doll Scarlett tightly, Nicole walked back up to her hospital room and Scarlett left the hospital determined to buy more dolls.
"Over time I think there will be more little girls who get cancer so I will raise money for that too," said Milling.

Read more:

 Jaylie and Nicole. Nicole went in for surgery about an hour after this photo, she is the cutest.

 Jaylie and Breklyn standing with all the girls from the fashion show.

 Love this of Crew

 Jaylie with Scarlett (the girl who raised money and got them the dolls)

 Sweet girls so excited to get their dolls!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Team Jaylie Slipper Drive

 We made up some fliers to hand out to spread the word about the slipper drive.  If you want to, you can print your own and put it up at work or wherever :)

Thank you to everyone for sharing it and contributing! Jaylie loves seeing the slippers come in! She prays every day that her slipper drive will go well and that the cancer kids will be happy :)

Thank you for all your help and generosity!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jaylie Update

The pathologist here in Austin gave us his final report on the chunk of bone they took from Jaylie's skull. It was just abnormal cells that were benign, not cancerous and it looked like dysplastic bone. The only treatment needed for it was surgery to get it all out. Nothing after that. We are so grateful! They still sent it off to Mayo clinic, they are the top bone pathologists, but I'm sure they will find it to be the same. We should hear back from them in a week or two. 

Jaylie is doing great! She only needed pain medicine for 24 hours after the surgery. She didn't even want normal Tylenol after that. I kept thinking she needed it and she said she didn't want it. She is such a trooper and never complains. She amazes me. She was up running and dancing around 24 afters afterward too. So thankful it was just a bone surgery, not a brain surgery, its so much easier to recover from.

We are so happy and relieved and so grateful for our many blessings from our loving Heavenly Father. In the 2 short weeks (felt like forever for us) that we were unsure if Jaylie had cancer or not again, we saw so many blessings, it was amazing. Dinners, gifts, freezer meals, cards left in the door, texts, messages etc., it meant so much to us and most importantly let us know that God was aware of us and our struggles. It totally brought me back in time to last year when so many helped us during that hard time. Those feelings of being overwhelmingly grateful for all those who helped us during the hard time with Jaylie all came flooding back and I found myself crying a lot because I was so touched. We are so thankful.  There are so many good people in this world.

We were so glad the day we found out it was not cancer, but it was hard to be completely happy because of the other little cancer warriors out there who are not getting good news.  It breaks our hearts seeing the other children struggle and their parents too, especially ones we know. Please keep Hayden and her family in your prayers. She is such a cute and amazing little girl and she was the first "brain tumor child" besides Jaylie we had ever met. Her and her family hold a special place in my heart and it breaks my heart that they are having to go through this. She had to have surgery on her birthday, poor thing. It is a whole different world that we are a part of now, we think of and feel for the other families so much.

This is what our friend, Rachael (Hayden's mom), wrote for her last post:

I don't even know how to write this update. We are going home tomorrow but not how I ever imagined. We are being released with hospice care.
The pathology from Hayden's recent surgery came back as cancer. Her entire left lung and chest cavity is full of cancer that we had no idea was growing.
I have no words right now, just wanted to update.

For more updates on Hayden go to

and like her page. The more support they have the better. If you have time to leave them a message, I'm sure they would appreciate it.
This is Jaylie and Hayden at the hospital a month or so ago

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Pictures!

My sister in law took our family pics this year! She is so great and we love them! Thank you Brandilyn and Ryan for helping!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Team Jaylie Slipper Drive

We have been talking with Jaylie for a while about what we should do for the children with cancer this Christmas and she came up with the idea to give them slippers. Jaylie loved slippers during her treatment and is so excited to be able to give some to other kids with cancer. These kids wear jammies a lot and slippers will be perfect to go with them!  The slippers will be delivered to Dell Children's hospital and the blood and cancer center in Austin (where Jaylie was treated) before Christmas. We need your help!! Please help us out by sending us brand new pairs of slippers. Boy or girl, any style and any size up to age 18.  Please get them to us by Dec. 18th so they can be delivered before Christmas! Our goal is 150 pairs of slippers! Thank you!!

You may give them to the Nielson family or send them to:

Team Jaylie Slipper Drive
10123 Lake Creek Pkwy, Bldg. 2
Austin, TX 78729

We will also take cash, checks, and gift cards that we will use to buy slippers. Email with any questions.

Please help put smiles on the cancer warrior's faces this Christmas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Results

So the preliminary results are good, they are 90% sure that its just dysplastic bone (abnormal damaged bone most likely caused by radiation) and nothing to worry about. We will find out in 1 week the final results. Then she will have another surgery to cover up the hole in her skull bone sometime in the next couple months. Thank you for your prayers! They really work! We are so relieved and grateful!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Biopsy Surgery

We are home from the hospital! Jaylie is doing really well. She woke up really well from the surgery and isn't in too much pain so far. We are so thankful! We will update more on Tuesday when we get the pathology results. Thank you so much for you prayers, kind words, thoughts and service. We have felt very blessed these last few days.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MRI Results

Jaylie's MRI results were not what we were hoping for. There is a small spot in the bone in part of her skull that is questionable. They don't know what it is so they are doing a biopsy on Friday and we will get the results on Tuesday. They say it could be either radiation changes or cancer. Radiation can cause changes in the areas that were treated. It's not harmful, and we wouldn't have to do anything about it. So we are praying its just that, and not cancer.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and visit from Grandma

Halloween was fun this year. The kids get so excited for it and it was fun to go to some parties and dress up. Kips mom visited from Utah and stayed until the day before Halloween. It was so much fun having her here. She is the best grandma to our kids and they always get so excited for her to visit. She brings snacks and little presents and always makes fun cupcakes with them :) We miss having her here! I called to try to get results on Thursday but haven't heard back yet, so we will have to wait until Tuesday. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers!

We got these costumes in Florida when we went on Jaylie's make a wish trip. I loved the blue wigs! Fits my crazy kids great :) Lots of people got good laughs from us! At our ward party our family won best family costume :) Jaylie was beyond excited! She loves winning and loves medals and trophies, which we got.

I was taking pictures of Breklyn and she did probably 20 different poses for the camera. My girls love to pose!

Showing me her favorite candy bar she got :)

Love these with the kids and their Grandma! So sweet!!

Shelly came to visit the day after Jaylie's MRI and brought her these flowers and headband and also some stickers for her scrapbook she got her last time. She is the best :)

We went to a Halloween Fall Festival with some of our good friends, it was fun!

Jaylie rock climbed! I was soo proud of her!

The girls are obseesed with witches! They want a witch story every night at bedtime :) Kip did a good job!