Thursday, October 27, 2011


Update on Briggs from my brother Ryan.

Docs are now concerned that Briggs is at a stand still and not making progress. They are concerned with his weight and have increased his calories intake via the feeding tube, but he is still not gaining weight. On the contrary, he is loosing weight. He will be watched very closely over the next two to three days. If he does not show signs of improvement, he will have another surgery in the next 1-2 weeks. This is the open heart bypass surgery that the Doctors wanted to wait to do until he was 6-8 months old. Unfortunately, we may not have this option. The risks are greater now (especially fresh off the first surgery) then they would be down the road. Keep the prayers coming as he needs them more than ever right now.

Team Jaylie 5K

I don't even know where to start. We feel so honored that this whole unbelievable 5k event was put on for our little Jaylie. Words cannot even describe how absolutely amazing it was, if you were there you understand, it was something else! We are so thankful to everyone involved! The Heather's who put it all together, all the sponsors, volunteers, participants, all those who donated, family, friends, and strangers. It was a wonderful event and we will forever be grateful for everyone who helped in any way.

There were 907 registered runners.   584 (5K Runners) + 268 (1M Runners) = 2136 miles ran for Jaylie!! 
The distance from Austin, Texas to Augusta, Maine!
(Its actually a little higher-they found out later that there were more runners).

My precious little princess Jaylie. This girl amazes me everyday. She definitely is a special little spirit.  I love you Jaylie!

Our family. Kajsa, Breklyn, Jaylie, Crew and Kip. 

My family. All 5 of us plus my parents, siblings, nieces, my brother in law and my mother in law.
 We all rode in the limo. Kip and I had no idea we were riding in a limo until the second we started loading up the car. It was a big surprise! My parents just found out the night before. It was fun being all together. My brother Ryan and sis in law Brandilyn were the only ones missing, only because my parents forgot to tell them about it bc they just found out right before bed the night before.

The hummer limo when it came to pick us up.

Inside the limo. It was so fun!

I love that you can see all the photographers in this picture.

A picture of the crowd when we stepped out of the limo.  We drove up and were shocked at the amount of people. Everyone was waiting for us right when we got out of the limo. It was amazing. Kip and I couldn't stop crying. It was a very touching moment that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone for making it so special. 

I am so glad the photographers got some good shots of these shirts. They are amazing! My friend Cathy Christensen and her daughter, Kendyll, made them for all 5 of us. They had Jaylie write her name and thank you a couple times and then took a profile picture of her and then came up with these shirts. They are so talented! Thank you girls!

Giving Jaylie a little pep talk. She was overwhelmed at first and was pretty shy the whole time.

 They had a tent for our family :)


Team Jaylie 5k Continued

These pictures are of the two awesome Heathers who put this event together. We are so thankful for the both of them for all their hard work and time put into this.
Heather Himmer and Heather Jim

Heather Jim and her mom who helped a ton with everything.

Here is a list of the sponsors. This event could not have happened without all of these companies helping out. Thank you so much! It means so much to us, we are so thankful!

Here are some pictures of the many people who volunteered and helped. I know I didn't get a picture of everyone who helped, there were so many it was amazing. We appreciate you guys more than you know.

 They had a long table set up with these computers for people who were registering to run it that day.

 A couple pictures of the photographers. They took awesome pictures and made them all available for everyone to see and download! Click here to see the pictures. Here are their websites.

Kristen Duke Photography
Focal Point Photographics
Leilani Rogers Photography
Natalie Portugal Photography

These ones show the stadium and all the hard work that went into all the MANY posters and balloons.  It was amazing!