Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today is the last day of September, Childhoood Cancer Awareness Month. Please remember Gold all year long for Jaylie and the other fighters!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cure Search Walk & Chili's

I havn't been posting on here much this month but I have on facebook. Look up Team Jaylie on Facebook or go to

Jaylie is doing really well. She will have more bloodwork in a couple weeks to check how well the thyroid medicine is working. Then she has her MRI at the beginning of November. Please keep her in your prayers that there will be no sign of cancer in her little body. Please keep all of the other little cancer warriors in your prayers too. Especially Jaxon and Hayden.

This Saturday is the Cure Search walk. Click here or the link below to donate or sign up to walk, it is just $10 for 16 and up, 15 and under is free. They will have different activities for kids too, it sounds like it will be fun. We would love to see all of you out there walking for such a good cause and supporting Jaylie and the other children with cancer here in Austin.  I was going to order Team Jaylie shirts but things have been crazy around here and I didn't order them in time. If you have a Jaylie shirt please wear it!

Austin Cure Search Walk

We went to Chili's yesterday. Once a year in September they donate 100% of their profits to St Jude Childrens hospital. It is an easy and great way to support children with cancer. Hopefully some of you were able to go eat there yesterday! We all 5 wore our childhood cancer awareness shirts :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crew turns Two!!

Crew was 2 on July 29th!! He was a suprise baby and is the best surprise I have ever had in my whole life! I don't know what I would do without him. He brings so much joy and laughter into our family. Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing when I got pregnant with him by surprise! This last year with all we went through with Jaylie would have been so much harder without Crew around. He brightens up the room and you can't help but laugh at him. He has such a special, full of life spirit that everyone around him notices. Everywhere we go people smile at him and watch him because he is so funny. He has the personality of a class clown, loves attention, and loves making people laugh. He is a crazy kid and all boy! I still can't believe how different boys and girls are. I am so thankful I got this little boy.  Crew is proof that Heavenly Father always knows whats best for us, even though we don't agree sometimes. I did not want to be pregnant when I found out I was. I cried everyday for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with him. I get sick the whole 9 months of my pregnancies and was so not ready to be sick again. Breklyn was only 13 months old when I got pregnant with him and I was not ready to do it all again so soon!  But when Crew was born, it was so special. He was my first all natural baby, no epidural, no drugs, nothing. It was perfect and amazing and spiritual. I loved him right off the bat and knew he was supposed to come to our family when he did. I was so in love and still am. I still can't get enough hugs and kisses from him. He is perfect. He is my angel and always will be. He really did save me through this last year. Kip would say the same thing too. Heavenly Father knew we needed him here with us to help us get through the rough year with Jaylie's cancer. My tender mercy.

We just cut his hair after a long time with no hair cut. It was so long, but I loved it. I love it short too though.
 Long hair

 Short hair

Crew loves going grocery shopping at HEB with me and getting a buddy buck. For those not in Texas, they give the kids fake dollars that they put in this machine and it gives you a sticker with points on it. If you collect a certain amount of points you can turn it in for a prize. Crew just likes putting the stickers on his hands. 

We got him this basketball hoop for his birthday. He loves it. He is so obsessed with balls and all sports. He loves watching football on tv the best. Whenever we are coloring or drawing, he always has me draw footballs. He says that word pretty well :)

Playing golf with the club and ball the girls got him for his birthday

His most favorite thing in the world to do is swim

His fake smile for the camera cracks me up!

One of my kids favorite meals in a mexican salad I make, so we had that for Crew's birthday.

He loves getting into the dryer and having you find him

I had just taken Breklyns preschool pictures here and Crew had to have his taken too :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to share this video. 

I didn't know what the gold ribbon meant until Jaylie was diagnosed with cancer. Please help me spread awareness for childhood cancer and go gold! It is obviously so close to my heart.  We need a cure for all of these kids!  I will be sharing childhood cancer awareness photos on here and facebook all month long too, so please help me share them and spread the word!

Jaylie is doing well. She is loving school! She had an appointment at the clinic to flush her port (we have to do it once a month) and she HAD to make sure I got her back to school in time for PE.  She told me many times while we were gone that she needed to get back to school and that if I didn't get her there in time I would be "toast". So cute! I love that she loves school. We aren't going to get her port taken out until after her MRI in November. She is totally fine with that, she is scared about the surgery anyways :)

 She started on a thyroid medication to help her thyroid work because her TSH was high. It is a small pill once a day so its not bad (except that it has to be taken on an empty stomach so I have to wake her up every night to take it). She will just have to take it her whole life, a gift from radiation. I read that 80 % of the kids who had cranial spinal radiation have this problem. Luckily it is easily fixed!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jaylie and all the other cancer warriors!

These two walks are a great way to support childhood cancer and Jaylie!!

Just click on the links to sign up or donate under Team Jaylie!!!