Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to share this video. 

I didn't know what the gold ribbon meant until Jaylie was diagnosed with cancer. Please help me spread awareness for childhood cancer and go gold! It is obviously so close to my heart.  We need a cure for all of these kids!  I will be sharing childhood cancer awareness photos on here and facebook all month long too, so please help me share them and spread the word!

Jaylie is doing well. She is loving school! She had an appointment at the clinic to flush her port (we have to do it once a month) and she HAD to make sure I got her back to school in time for PE.  She told me many times while we were gone that she needed to get back to school and that if I didn't get her there in time I would be "toast". So cute! I love that she loves school. We aren't going to get her port taken out until after her MRI in November. She is totally fine with that, she is scared about the surgery anyways :)

 She started on a thyroid medication to help her thyroid work because her TSH was high. It is a small pill once a day so its not bad (except that it has to be taken on an empty stomach so I have to wake her up every night to take it). She will just have to take it her whole life, a gift from radiation. I read that 80 % of the kids who had cranial spinal radiation have this problem. Luckily it is easily fixed!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jaylie and all the other cancer warriors!

These two walks are a great way to support childhood cancer and Jaylie!!

Just click on the links to sign up or donate under Team Jaylie!!!

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