Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring/Bluebonnet Pictures

Fun Spring Pics

Being silly with my lil sis

My brother Kade with their dog Koda

Bluebonnet Pics

 Crew was so not happy to be taking pictures. All he wanted to do was play with or in the wagon!

 Jaylie trying to get Crew to look for a picture :)

 Kindra and Kade

 Crew helped drive back and then the kids went on a tractor ride.

 Kip took pictures of me while the kids were riding :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


These were taken in February. I am behind on blogging :)

Kip, Jaylie and I were able to go to the show Wicked when it came to Austin!! My Dad took the staff at the dental office and we had planned to take Jaylie to see this anyways, so it worked out great. Thank you Dad!  Jaylie was so excited for weeks and talked about it everyday. She loves plays. She has been going to the high school plays since she was 2 and always looks forward to them and talks about them for weeks afterward, no matter what the play was. She felt so special too since the other two kids were not going. We went right around the time of the end of her treatment and around her birthday, and it was a great way to celebrate. I was sad I didn't bring my real camera! These were all taken on my phone.

 Jaylie with Uncle Kade

 Jaylie with Aunt Kindra

 I love this girl sooo much!!

 Jaylie with Nana

 Nana and her great friend Sandi. Love both of them!

 Little cutie in line with Nana

 Us with my parents

 Jaylie got to go backstage after the show (Thanks to Cathi and Emily for making that happen) and meet some of the cast and see the stage and props etc. She loved it! My college roomate and bridesmaid's sister is on the left and has been in Wicked for a few years now. On the right is the girl who played Glenda. Jaylie also got to meet the girl who played Elphaba briefly. She was soo excited! This girl loves plays!!!