Monday, April 23, 2012

Make A Wish

 Back in January, The Doctors Company (Jaylies sponsors for her Make A Wish trip) had a lunch party for her. I finally scanned in the pictures they sent us from it. Here is what I wrote on the blog the day we had the party :)

Today was the best day!! Jaylie has been so excited for a few weeks now for today. We had a lunch party with Advocate MD, now called The Doctors Company, who is the company sponsoring Jaylie in her make a wish trip!! We met Scott, one of the Make a Wish workers at this company today and they welcomed us and were so amazing! It was just Jaylie, Kip and I, the little ones stayed with my friend, thank you Heather! We had a great time eating lunch, opening presents from them and having cake. They got her favorite food and favorite kind of cake too! She loved the presents, they were so generous! They were so amazing and nice and it was such an honor to meet them. We will forever be thankful for them and all that they are doing for us. We are so grateful for the Make a Wish foundation too, they are amazing. I will post more about our lunch visit and pictures from it soon. It was amazing!! Thank you Advocate MD!!!!! You made my daughters day!!!

Here is a sneak peek photo from today from my cell. She got this darling Minnie mouse that talks and her bow lights up:) Jaylie loves it and has been carrying it around all day. She fell asleep snuggling it tonight.

Here are the other pictures from the party.

Jaylie loved her cake! They asked what her favorite kind was and got that. It was cream cheese frosting and it was really one of the best cakes ever, it was so good. Jaylie had maybe one or two bites. She had no appetite at all (side effect of chemo). They asked what her favorite food was too and I told them pizza. She was so excited about it but when it came down to actually eating it, she did not even take one bite, it was sad and I felt bad that they got all of that for her and she didn't even eat it. They also had the best spinach lasagna and salad too. It was all so good.

 They had a bunch of presents there for her too.  She was sooo excited and loved everything!
 This big Minnie Mouse lights up and talks and stuff. She loved getting all this fun Disney stuff and it made her even more excited for Disney World!
She got a big box of all the Disney princesses too!!

 Jaylie with Christine (She was great and set it up and took these pictures and everything). Thank you Christine and everyone at the Doctors Company!!
Jaylie and Breklyn with the gifts after we got home. Breklyn loved them too!

Since our Make A Wish trip to Disney World is coming up, they had Jaylie a party at Chuck E Cheese. She loved it and the other kids did too! We had lunch, the kids got lots of tokens to play, and they treated to Jaylie the same way the treat the birthday kids with cake, singing, crown, and ticket blaster game. She felt so special and is even more excited about her trip now! Thank you Make A Wish!!!

Jaylie with her two Make A Wish Wish Granters. They are the ones who came to our house last year and asked Jaylie her wish was. They are both so great! Thank you! We had a great time today!

Chuck-E crowning Jaylie

You can see her hair growing back now. It grows more every week! She is really excited about it too. In this picture, you can see the one kind of bald spot she has that is by her scar. We thought she would have a couple bald spots so we are glad this is the only one. It is growing in a lot better than I thought it would. The radiation she had can cause bald spots and thin hair growth. We are hoping it keeps growing so well. 

Jaylie loves characters like this! She gave him a hug (I think he was a little surprised). I can't wait to see her at Disney World with all the characters!
My 3 kiddos :)

Breklyn making a silly face for the camera

Crew decided he wanted to hug him too! Crew is the sweetest thing and loves giving hugs to people. He hugs me so many times through out the day, I love it!

 Happy happy girl. 

 Dancing with Chuck-E

Cake face

 Jaylie in the ticket blaster

 She wore these glasses and tried to grab as many tickets as she could. She got quite a few and got a fun prize at the end.

Crew's cheesy smile. I love it!

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