Monday, April 9, 2012

After Treatment Party

Jaylie's cancer treatments are officially over! We had her end of treatment party a few of weeks ago and it made it so much more real. Now we are only going to the clinic once a month and that is only for a nurse visit until she has surgery to remove her port (probably early August). Then it will only be every 3 months for her MRI appointments. Pretty crazy but super exciting! We never thought this day would actually come. At the beginning of diagnosis, it seemed so far away. We didn't know how we were going to make it through all of this and now here we are. Amazing! So many wonderful amazing things have happened in our lives over the last 11 months, so many miracles. We are so thankful for our wonderful, loving Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ, who have helped us so perfectly on this journey. I know that Christ knows how we feel and He knows how to help us and comfort us if we let Him. There have been so many times through all of this that things have been so hard, but every single time, we were comforted and helped in a perfect way. Thank you to all of you who have been instruments in His hands, helping us along, so many times. From the big to small things, we are grateful. I am balling as I write this, thinking about everything that was done for our family. It is remarkable. There are so many things, money donations, meals, yard work, babysitting, house cleaning, lemonade stands, packages, gifts, cards, pictures, 5k's, fundraisers, emails, comments, texts, phone calls etc. Every little thing means so much to us and always will. We will never be able to express fully how thankful we are. Just know you have touched us in a way that we will forever remember and we are forever changed because of you!

I love watching Crew walk from behind. He is so cute and little. I love little babies and kids!

She wanted to pose with this bear that is in the waiting room.

Her Hello Kitty cake! It was made by Bountiful Bakery (through the Loving Libby Memorial Foundation). It was one of the best cakes I had ever had, you will have to go check them out. The founders lost their daughter to cancer and then started this bakery. They provide food for the clinic and 4 North at the hospital. They also do Thanksgiving dinner at the clinic and make cakes for birthdays and end of treatments. They are amazing! They have brought lots of joy to Jaylie and to us through this experience. Thank you Bountiful Bakery!! You can go to their website if you want to donate money to this foundation.

Doing crafts and waiting until the party starts!

Playing with the toys

Making a pillow case craft.

Jaylie's doctor, Dr. Harrod, spoke and it was beautiful. Kip and I were both crying by the end of her talking. She talked about how brave and courageous Jaylie was and is and how hard it is to go through these treatments. She presented her with a trophie and big card and gave medals to both Breklyn and Crew for being the sibblings. It was awesome! Jaylie felt so special. 

I tried to get a picture of the staff celebrating with us.

Crew putting on his medal

 Jaylie and Karen. Her other nurse Christina was out that day so I will get a picture another time.

 Enjoying her cake!

 Jaylie with Dr. Harrod

 Proud parents

 Way to Go Jaylie!!! We are so proud! We couldn't be more happy for you!

 Brekyn always wants to get in the pictures with Jaylie :) Jaylie is posing with her big trophie!

 I wanted a closer up of what it said. You can to double click to read it.

Here are some pictures from the week before when we thought we were having her party. We had scheduled it for this day but the child life guy forgot to schedule it in so they didn't have the cake or anything. We got there and she was so excited to have it and then they told us we would have to do it next week. She actually took it very well and wasn't sad or anything. We just told her we would party that day and next week :)

 Jaylie loves this hat! Heidi, a friend from church gave it to her. Most of her hats, scarves, bandanas etc have been gifts. It is truly amazing! Anyways, she loves that this has a pony tail on it. She wore it to school the other day and was so excited and said she thought the kids would think its really her hair. So cute!

 This is how Crew smiles for the camera lately. So funny!

 We brought Jaylie's favorite nurse, Karen, a baby gift. Jaylie was so happy watching her open it!

This is how it looks when her port is accessed. When they leave it in they put a sticker clear tape on it but we were taking it right out so they didn't have to put it on.

 Jaylie helping put the saline in.


  1. Yay!! What fun pictures and what a HUGE milestone!! We are so happy she is all done and you have survived this past year. The Lord really is in charge and he's taken very good care you all. We are so thankful Jaylie is here with us, and she is doing so well. She looks so healthy, and we're glad she had a great party!! I love seeing all your kids, we're glad there are less trips to the hospital!! Love you Jaylie

    1. I also saw on there that she finished up her treatments on Lexi's birthday! How ironic:).

  2. This made me cry! SO beautiful and so wonderful! You guys are amazing!!!!

  3. I'm so impressed with the hospital you have been using for her treatments. Seems like such a special place. What a blessing that you moved to Austin when you did. I can tell the people there care very much for Jaylie. That is so awesome. So glad you have much to celebrate and also that Jaylie is able to be in school and dance. Way to go Jaylie! We are so happy for you. You are a light shining brightly. Love, the Holdens