Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last chemo round pictures (from January)

I am trying to catch up on everything!

Crew and Breklyn never wanted to leave because of the play rooms. It is all they wanted to do there.

All 3 of the kids love the wagon rides at the hospital.

 Breklyn and Crew were there for this pet therapy and they loved it!

Star Wars characters came to the hospital to visit the kids. Jaylie loved R2D2. He interacted and played with Jaylie, it was really neat.

 The awesome banner they hung in Jaylie's room on her last day of chemo!!! She loved it! It was sparkly paint, you just can't tell in the picture.

Shots of the room

 Ernst, one of the nurses we got a lot drew this on Jaylie's fluids bag. He is so fun and quirky, the kids love him.

Pre med before chemo. She got a lot of different meds right before she got the actual chemo.

She has a ton of these wristbands. We got her this charm bracelet for Christmas, it has a few charms that symbolize her strength, cancer, etc. She really likes it.

 She made this sign for the door because the last two times she was in the hospital, the toy cart skipped over her and she was so sad. They had us in the back where it is more confined so I think they thought they couldn't go back there. She always looks so forward to the toy cart. We were so glad they stopped this time! 

The boards that we use in the room. We just took pictures of a lot of the stuff for memories.

Last dose of chemo! 


Close up of how she looks accessed.

 She did not want to be deaccessed. She was more scared this time than usual for some reason. She always hates this part the worst. She doesn't like getting the sticky part (window) off, even though they are careful and use foam that helps it.

Jaylie feeling better now that the window was off and she was deaccessed. No more pole!

 Going home! No more chemo! We were so relieved!

We always had so much stuff to bring and take home :)

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