Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindergarten and Dance!

Jaylie is loving school! This is her second week and she is still excited to go everyday. She made it through her first week of Kindergarten last week without napping at all at school or at home. She was fine when I picked her up everyday and had good energy up until bed time. I was shocked! I thought this would be her biggest struggle with going to school, but she amazes me once again. Her teacher said she seems to be adjusting well and has a good group of friends already. All of the girls in her class are so sweet to her. Some of them have brought little gifts for her too and some of them made a card for her. When she gets in the car everyday I ask her a bunch of questions about her day, which she gets tired of :) She says she has fun, everyone is nice, she likes doing worksheet at school, and her favorite is lunch and snack time. Funny girl. Her appetite has definitely come back and she is really enjoying food again. She is eating healthy and doing really well with  it.

These first picture were taken on her first day of school. I took her in to Justice the other day to get her some shorts to wear under her skirts and dresses and she begged me for this outfit. She saw it and wanted it so bad and I gave in. She is really loving the comfy clothes lately. She was super excited that she got to wear it on her first day.

Her first day of Kindergarten was also her first day of dance class at Greater Austin Dance Academy. My awesome friend has been coming to our home to and giving her lessons all through her treatments because she was not able to be around people. So now that she is able, my friend got her into one of her classes where she teaches. She is so awesome! Jaylie was so excited and is loving it! She gets to be in the dance recital in May too. She can't wait! I thought having school and dance for the first time in one day was going to be too much, but Jaylie showed me that it wasn't.

These are of Jaylie before we left for her dance class.

We had Jaylie's monthly appointment yesterday to get her port accessed. They have to put heparin in it monthly so it will keep working. She hadn't been accessed for a whole month so she was nervous.  She did great though and it went well. It was good seeing everyone up at the clinic. Her nurse is pregnant and it was great seeing her belly grow. She showed Jaylie 3-D pics of the baby so she thought that was cool. Everyone knows Jaylie loves Hello Kitty. They have had Hello Kitty painted on the windows for decoration there for a while and everytime we go back it is a little bit different. They decorate according to holidays and stuff. This time it was a bunny Hello Kitty.

Here are the pictures. One from the end of January and one from yesterday (end of March). She looks SO different! I don't realize it till I see pictures like this. I am going to miss her bald head and no hair anywhere, but I am loving the excitement she has of it all growing back. She is a doll in both in my opinion!
 End of January

 End of March

Her next MRI is on May 8th, just after our Make A Wish trip.  I am already feeling nervous but am glad our trip is right before so we won't think about it. Its crazy that our lives are lived in 3 month increments. One MRI to the next. I am sure she will be fine and everything will look good, but it is still scary. We just try and enjoy every day with her and not think about it. She is doing SO well. She is so happy, so sweet and has great energy already. Her hair is so cute and is growing more and more every week. Her eyelashes are almost all the way in. She is loving it and loved showing her hair off at the clinic.

Please keep her in your prayers. Pray that the cancer will never ever come back. Please pray for all the other kids who are fighting too. Thank you for your support and love! We love your comments, emails and texts. They really help keep us going :)

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  1. How wonderful that she is into school and dance and is loving both! I'm so happy to hear she is doing so well!