Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More from Jaylie's Birthday (February)

I can not say how much I love Sea World San Antonio! They Rock!! The people we have met there are so amazing and generous. They send Jaylie little texts and messages once in a while too. They sent this picture and video for her birthday. So so cool! I actually started crying when I saw it. I have cried so many happy, thankful tears this last year!

How cool is that!!

Jaylie and her sibblings watched this over and over and over. They still find it on my phone and watch it and they laugh so hard everytime. Pure joy!

The primary (sunday school for the kids in our church) kids and leaders made this awesome birthday card for Jaylie! Its hard to tell from the picture, but the inside is a pop up! So neat! We both loved reading the messages from the kids. Thank you!!

 We went and ate at Red Robin, one of our birthday traditions. Jaylie and I were taking pictures of ourselves with my phone camera.

Eating her birthday ice cream, which she shared with Breklyn and Crew.

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