Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Pics over the last 6 months

These were taken when my parents took the high school play with them. They were both so excited and got their little purses and everything to take with them :)

Playing soccer. Jaylie loves soccer. Hopefully I will be able to put her in soccer this year.

Playing with the "snow" kit my Mom gave the kids. They love snow, so they were excited to play with pretend snow.

Here are some of Jaylie's stories she has been writing and some art work

Christmas wish list

One of my wonderful friends Stacey, brought by little crafts for the girls once in a while. For Thanksgiving she brought these placemats for the girls to color. Jaylie loved it!

Jaylie's list of what she is thankful for. We didn't help her one bit.

Jaylie gets a lot of her stuffed animals and arranges them on the couches for when her teacher comes to do school. So funny! Her awesome teacher plays along with it and has Jaylie read to them sometimes :)

These next few are from a fishing event up at Dell Childrens hospital. They put this on every year and have volunteers that bring in fish tanks and let the kids catch a fish. It was really fun for all of us (me, Jaylie, and my mom) and Jaylie got a pink fishing pole from it! Just another one of the amazing hospital events!

Nana pretending to eat a fish

Breklyn with our friend Lincoln and his daughter who Breklyn loves. Lincoln has done a lot for our family over the last year, we are so thankful for him and his friendship.

We went to ride the little train at the mall. The kids had been bothering us for a while to ride it, so on a day when her ANC was up, we went. They loved it of course.

Crew trying on funny glasses

 One day Jaylie was really in the mood to clean and organize. She helped me clean the whole house and organize her drawers and closet. It was great!

Funny kids found a little "seat" in the fridge

My little Longhorns!

Crew always gets hurt. Here is a big bump on his head.

Jaylie dancing when Kindra was watching the kids. I guess Kindra taught her some kind of dance. Love this pic!

Jaylie loves reading to Crew and Crew loves it probably even more! She is the best big sister!

 Funny picture of Crew at Chili's one night.

 One night when Jaylie was getting ready for bed, she was extra excited about showing us her jammies she picked out. She came into our room just beaming and this is what she had on. She is so sweet!

 Breklyn and Crew loving on each other at Nana and Papa's house when we were at the hospital with Jaylie on one of her chemo rounds. So sweet!

 Jaylie at the hospital getting chemo. She hadn't eaten anything for a couple days and she wanted this Reese's so we got it for her and she ate the whole thing. She said something like, I know its not that good for me, but at least I ate something, its better than eating nothing!

Sisters in the bath

It was really cold in our house one morning so they bundled up.

She chose her own outfit, it was pretty bad!

Jaylie painted this for her teacher when she was at the hospital :)

 We took these on our phone, so they are not great, but it was the first time in a long time it seemed that we got to go to a park (probably in November). The kids loved feeding the ducks and swinging. It was a beautiful day!

Jaylie likes to make her bed by herself :)

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