Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Amazing Story

I got an email a month or so ago from another mom about my age, Kourtney, that lives in the Dallas area. She knows my sister in law Robin and heard about Jaylie from her. She wrote me the sweetest email that made me cry and then Kip cry when I read it to him. Her almost 4 year old girl, Kate, was having a birthday soon and at her party, instead of her friends bringing her birthday presents, she asked them to make a cash donation so she could buy Jaylie a special present and mail it to her. Words can not express how touching and amazing that is to me. What an amazing little girl she must be to want to do that and what an amazing mother she must have that taught her that giving is so much better than receiving and have her daughter actually do it. I was blown away to say the least! Little Kate is truly a servant in His hands. We can't thank you enough Kate and Kourtney!!

This is what they put inside of the invitations to her party. You have to click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read it. So amazing!

Kate holding up the Rapunzel doll she got Jaylie. They sent a few pictures inside the gift to Jaylie also, I scanned these two in. She is so darling!!

This is her posing with the Jaylie Jar. I thought the set up looked so beautiful!

Jaylie with the gifts, pictures and card they sent in the package. Jaylie loved getting it and loved seeing the pictures of Kate. I told Jaylie about her when I first got the email from her mom. Jaylie thought it was so nice and was excited about it. Jaylie loves Rapuzel and was so excited to get this wedding doll. Right when she got it, she called it her very special doll and said she wasn't going to let Breklyn play with it. Usually she shares everything and if she doesn't I help encourage her too, but I let this be an exception. After a few days though, she let Breklyn play with it but she keeps it in a special spot and makes sure Breklyn is nice with it :)

 They got her a beautiful necklace from Zales. She loves it!!!

Jaylie wearing the necklace :) Thank you Kate!! You are a very special little girl!

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