Thursday, October 27, 2011

5k Preparations

We are so glad someone took pictures of the 5k preparations. I know Heather Jim and Heather Himmer spent SOOO much time working on this event, along with all the other people and sponsors who volunteered and helped out. It was amazing to hear about friends, acquaintances and strangers who put so much effort into making this event happen for little Jaylie. Words can not express out gratitude to all of you. We will forever be grateful to everyone who helped in one way or another. Thank you!

Heather Jim and Heather Himmer having a planning meeting or something :) I did not know much at all about the 5k, so it was great looking through the pictures. I got so emotional.

My ward's girls and their leaders making posters. I love these girls! I have the privilege of working with them, they are the best!
 These ones are from packet pick up the days before the 5k. I'm so glad someone got pictures of all of this.  We are so thankful for all Rogue Running did!
 Volunteers at Rogue Running. Thank you!

These are the magnets that a company donated for the packets for the 5k.

These next ones are of the Leander Ward and Carriage Hills Ward young women and their leaders making posters and putting the packets together. I had no idea they were doing this so looking at these pictures I was crying, we are so thankful for everyone!
 Picture of the inside of a packet

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