Thursday, October 27, 2011

Team Jaylie 5k Continued

The crowd for the announcement of the winners, etc.

The trophy table. They had them for all the different age groups, very cool:)

The band that played was Em Cravens. Their music was great, they were great, it was perfect!!

It was my little brother Kade's birthday, the band was so nice and got him up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to him!
My friend had a cupcake booth at the 5k and she gave Kade some cupcakes for his birthday. So sweet.

This was at the very end when the Heather's got together and told us and everyone else how much was raised at this Team Jaylie 5k. They gave us this huge check with the amount on it.
 There were a lot of registered runners so we knew the total amount raised would be pretty large but never in our dreams would we have ever thought it would be even close to $30,000! Yep, I wrote it right, 30,000 dollars! It is still crazy saying that. We were in TOTAL shock (and still are)! You can tell by my face, I just couldn't believe it. It was a very emotional moment for us and we both just felt sooo much gratitude for everyone involved in any way. I wish there were adequate words to express how truly thankful we are. We thank you all with sincere gratitude for helping contribute to Jaylie's medical fund. We never dreamed our family would be in a position to need financial support.  No words can express our feelings, but please know that we will be grateful all of our lives. A huge burden was lifted off our shoulders and now we don't have to worry so much about our financial situation with Jaylie's bills and such. We will always remember this day and treasure the memories. Again, Thank you everyone!!!!

These two Heathers put on an unbelievable event!

Explaining to Jaylie (while balling) how much was raised.

Kip and I took turns to briefly thank everyone. Both of us cried. We were both crying a lot during the whole thing actually.

All of our family members who were at the 5k. This is the same picture they used for the big signed frame and Jaylie doesn't look too happy in it. I told her "Jaylie you don't look too happy here" and she said "Yea, but I was!". So in case you were wondering she had a great time!

Even to the very end, it was AMAZING!!

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