Thursday, October 27, 2011

Team Jaylie 5K Continued

 Breklyn and her cousin Jaysa

Opening gifts from The Vintage Pearl. They do the handstamped silver and pearl jewelry. The girls got necklaces, I got a bracelet, and Kip got a keychain. They are all very cool and are so beautiful. Jaylie's says Im a fighter and the rest of ours say Fighting for Jaylie. Thank you Vintage Pearl! Click here to go to their website.
Jaylie and one of her best friends that came from San Antonio.

Jaylie and her friend from preschool posing with the cow.

Crew loving the cow

Jaylie's favorite part of the whole event were the Chick-fil-a Cows. She had a blast playing peek a boo with them. Thank you Chick-fil-A 

These two princesses were a hit. All the little girls loved them and wanted pictures with them. I've known these two girls for a really long time. Thank you! Yall are awesome!

Jaylie loves tweety bird!  They needed someone to be Tweety bird so one of my life long friend Jason stepped up. Thank you Jason! Jaylie loved it!

Jaylie playing with the mascot from the Round Rock Express baseball team, Spike. Thank you for coming Spike!

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