Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's a hard time right now. My little nephew Briggs had heart surgery yesterday at 11 days old and it didn't go as well as the doctors thought it would. The surgeon performed the aorta repair 3 times and he still wasn't satisfied with the results. The blood flow still is not what it should be. He might need another surgery after he recovers from this one. He is stable right now but they are watching him very closely. Please keep all of them in your prayers through this difficult time. It is so hard seeing your child go through surgery and being in the piku. Kip and I are heartbroken for them and it has been hard because all our memories that we have tried to forget from Jaylie have come flooding back. Jaylie on the other hand is doing amazing. She has been feeling great and playing great. She goes in tomorrow for her labs and to meet with the oncologist. I am guessing her counts will be pretty good. Chemo is supposed to start again next week, it has gone by so fast this time. Thank you for all the love and support from everyone. We feel it and couldn't be more grateful.

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