Friday, October 7, 2011


Chili's restaurant supports childhood cancer during the month of September. I love that they raise awareness for childhood cancer. They have these shirts for sale too. We go to Chili's a lot because it is Jaylie's favorite. There is a guy who works at the Chili's by Lakeline mall who is an awesome artist, his name is Justin. He did some designs on some of the shirts and had them on display. I was planning on getting Jaylie a shirt anyways but when my Mom and I saw these we loved them. So we asked if he could do a Hello Kitty design for her. This picture below was taken the day we went and picked the shirt up. This Chili's location is always to nice to us and they actually gave us the shirt. We are so thankful to them and to Justin for doing this for us! One of the managers actually called and left a message the other day asking how Jaylie was. So nice! Thank you Chili's at Lakeline!

 Jaylie and Justin

 Posing for the camera :)

 Justin is an amazing artist!
 Her counts were really low when we took these pictures. You can tell in her face. She is pale and has big bags under her eyes. She is a trooper though, she hardly ever complains.
 Love the back too

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