Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Briggs

My brother and his wife just had a baby a week ago, I put a picture up last week when he was 9 hours old and I visited him. They found out he has a coarctation in his heart and has to have surgery tomorrow to repair it. They have been at the hospital with him since Thursday, so it will be a long hospital stay. Kip and I had a really hard time when we found out. Our hearts broke for them as we know what it's like. I hate that anyone has to suffer and go through hard things but it being my brother was horrible. We found out on Thursday and we both had a hard day. It brought back so many memories of when we found out about Jaylie needing brain surgery. It was just so recent and raw that it was hard not to have all those feelings come back that we had when Jaylie had surgery and we were in the same hospital. It's a hard time and we are so sad they have to go through it. I feel for all parents in similar situations. There is suffering all over the world in so many forms and I feel like i have so much more understanding and compassion now. Thank goodness for our loving Heavenly Father who helps us through hard times and thank goodness for prayer. Please pray for Ryan, Brandilyn and baby Briggs especially tomorrow (Tuesday). Jaylie has been doing pretty well. It seems that she is feeling better everyday as her counts are slowly going up now. She has such a great attitude it's amazing. She hasn't been eating well since we got home from the hospital from her chemo but she is eating a little bit. Her energy amazes me. We have been having dance parties everyday, it's been fun. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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