Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beads of Courage

I don't think I ever put these pictures of Jaylie's Beads of Courage up. They have a program where the kids get a bead for appointments, pokes, surgeries, chemo, radiation, hospital stays, transfusions, etc. Pretty much everything they do there is a certain bead for. Jaylie loves her necklace! We had added a lot since I took these pictures. This was back in June. The program is really great, she gets excited to get a new bead for things.

 I love all her different poses. Her cheeks were so chubby partly from the steroids, but they were naturally chubbier back then too:)

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  1. I love that idea!! What a great way to reward these brave little kids! She looks so adorable in these pictures!! She is brave, and I'm glad she has her special necklace to show for it. We are so glad she is feeling better. Such a cute pictures. It's amazing what we learn from these sweet little kids. Love you guys!!