Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Pictures of Crew

 This was at his 5 day old appointment. He was so tiny! I don't think this ever made it onto the blog because it was on my Mom's phone.

 The kid loves the fridge and loves climbing on anything.

 My mom took this at her house. Funniest picture!

Crew is so funny

 Eating a popsicle made from carrots, beets and apples. It was a recipe for juice that kids were supposed to like and my girls hated it, Kip and I couldn't drink it either so I made it into popsicles and those were nasty too. Crew liked them though :)

 Sink bath again

 Nerd glasses, so cute!

 He gets hurt all the time. This was sometime this summer, he fell and scraped his nose and then fell and bumped his head (below).

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