Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doing well

I have so many pictures and posts I need to get done, hopefully soon I will buckle down and do it. Jaylie is doing great still. Today is day 10 after chemo and I am surprised she is doing as well as she is. Her first round on day 9 she started getting super tired and napping every day.  Today she has had great energy and is feeling great. I took her in Thursday for her weekly labs and to get more vincristin chemo. Her hemoglobin and her platelets are low, but not low enough to need a transfusion. She will most likely need one this next week though, I am hopeful she won't because of how good she is doing now. Any day now we are expecting she will start getting super tired and not feel good, we are just waiting, but enjoying the days that she feels good. This whole experience has really made us enjoy living more and enjoy every minute we have together. There have been the worst darkest moments of our lives in all this but there have also been some of the most special and joyous moments of our lives. Kip and I are more thankful for life and for the opportunity we have to be parents to our 3 amazing children. I love them all so much and can't get enough of them! Speaking of life, my older brother Ryan and his wife Brandilyn just had a baby yesterday. I went and saw baby Briggs when he was about 9 hours old and he was so cute and so tiny! I forget how small they are, they grow so fast! I wanted to just hold him forever. I have never been around for a niece or nephew when they have been born bc none of them live close, so this was great! I love babies and am kind of sad I might not have any more. I am so excited for them though, this is their first and I know they are gonna love it! Congrats guys!

Here is a pic of little Briggs. I love his cheeks! He looks so big in this picture but he is really tiny :) 7 lbs 3 oz. I love him already!

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  1. hey sweet kajsa, i've been thinking a lot about you guys this weekend---so you can imagine my delight to see that you have updated your blog twice! i was heart broken reading about all the times little jaylie threw up at the hospital this last time, and then bawling when i read about her not wanting to tell you about it. that girl is having to grow up so fast these days... thank heavens you and kip are her parents and can be a safe haven for her.
    i love and admire and am in awe of you and kip... and that jaylie continues to amaze me!! lots and lots of love.