Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and visit from Grandma

Halloween was fun this year. The kids get so excited for it and it was fun to go to some parties and dress up. Kips mom visited from Utah and stayed until the day before Halloween. It was so much fun having her here. She is the best grandma to our kids and they always get so excited for her to visit. She brings snacks and little presents and always makes fun cupcakes with them :) We miss having her here! I called to try to get results on Thursday but haven't heard back yet, so we will have to wait until Tuesday. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers!

We got these costumes in Florida when we went on Jaylie's make a wish trip. I loved the blue wigs! Fits my crazy kids great :) Lots of people got good laughs from us! At our ward party our family won best family costume :) Jaylie was beyond excited! She loves winning and loves medals and trophies, which we got.

I was taking pictures of Breklyn and she did probably 20 different poses for the camera. My girls love to pose!

Showing me her favorite candy bar she got :)

Love these with the kids and their Grandma! So sweet!!

Shelly came to visit the day after Jaylie's MRI and brought her these flowers and headband and also some stickers for her scrapbook she got her last time. She is the best :)

We went to a Halloween Fall Festival with some of our good friends, it was fun!

Jaylie rock climbed! I was soo proud of her!

The girls are obseesed with witches! They want a witch story every night at bedtime :) Kip did a good job!

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