Monday, May 7, 2012

MRI and Briggs

We went on our Make A Wish trip to Disney World and it was absolutely amazing! It was the most wonderful, care free, magical, amazing, fun filled trip we have ever had! They really treat you like royalty and Jaylie was on top of the world. It was awesome! I have a TON of pictures, so it might take me a little while to get the posts up about it.  I do want to say right now though that the Make A Wish organization and the Give Kids The World Village are the best organizations ever! It was a trip we will cherish forever and never forget. We are so thankful to them for making it happen.

Jaylie has her 3 month post treatment MRI tomorrow morning. We hate scan time, the scanxiety is horrible and so not fun. It seems like most of the kids (and adults for that matter) we follow or know have relapsed or are not doing good, and it makes it that much harder to feel ok about Jaylie. The cancer could come back at any time, so it is scary. Thankfully we are always blessed with a comfort and peace that everything will be ok and will work out. We have an appointment to go over the results from the MRI on Wednesday afternoon. We are so glad we don't have to wait long this time.

Jaylie has been doing wonderful. She has been so happy, has had energy and is feeling great. She really is an amazing girl and teaches me all the time. She is really nervous for tomorrow and has been for a couple of days now. We were putting her to bed tonight and she kept hugging me and telling me she was scared. So we talked about it for a while, then she hugged me again and said, "I'm so glad your my mom, I love you." A few seconds later, she hugged me again and said, "I'm so glad Heavenly Father gave me to you." My heard melted. I love this girl so much! I heard yesterday at church that a Mothers love is about the closest you can get to our Heavenly Fathers love.  I agree. I think about how much I love my kids and realize that our Father in Heaven loves each of us that much or more. It is really amazing. We have felt His perfect love so much this last year. We have been blessed beyond measure and have grown so much as individuals and as a family. Kip and I wrote some of our thoughts on the one year anniversary of Jaylie's brain tumor diagnosis, I will type them and put them up sometime soon. It was crazy because we didn't plan it, but we left for our trip on the anniversary of the day we found out Jaylie had a tumor. We were on our trip for the 1 year anniversary of her surgery and then the day after we got home was the anniversary of the day we found out it was actually an aggressive cancer and not the benign tumor they had thought it was. It was an emotional week for both Kip and I and there was no better way to spend it than on an amazing trip for Jaylie. We got teary eyed a lot that week seeing her so happy and doing so well. I wish there were words to describe it.

Briggs, my little 7 month old nephew that I have talked about on here (that had the heart surgery), is back in the hospital. He had been home for a while and eating through a feeding tube, but he was still just not gaining weight and was breathing really hard. They took him in and he had aspirating pnemonia so they admitted him to Dell Childrens. They have been there over a week now and have figured out that he needs a g tube button so they can feed him through that. They will do surgery this Wednesday or Thursday to put that in and they are going to wrap some of his stomach around his esophagus to help with reflux. This makes it a longer recovery and more painful. They also might expand the narrowing of his lung. Hopefully all of this will help him and he won't have to go through any  more surgeries or anything. Poor little guy. Kip and I just feel so bad for him. He is such a cute little thing and is so happy and smiley.

Please keep Briggs and Jaylie in your prayers this week. We are so thankful for prayers, comments on here, texts, emails, etc. It helps keep us going and keeps us strong.

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  1. I'm praying for you, Jaylie, and little Briggs! May the Lord continue to bless your sweet family, Kajsa!