Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Pics I Found

 This is from last Christmas while Jaylie was in chemo treatment. Love this picture.

 Crew found this turkey hat at Thanksgiving time and was acting like a turkey :)

 Making cute owl and kitty cupcakes with Grandma at Halloween time.

 This was when Jaylie was in preschool a few months before she was diagnosed with cancer. Love her hair!

 My  two youngest playing so well together. Love my kids

My cousin and her family came into town from Pittsburgh. My kids loved their kids so much!!

Mohawk :)

Fell asleep on the office chair watching a show :)

Crew loves sleeping with all this stuff in his crib and gloves and hats on him. Silly boy!

Opening fun Valentines from Nana and Papa

 Another hair cut for Crew. His hair grows fast!

 Crew fell asleep on Papa. It was my Dad's birthday so we went over to my parents house to celebrate. Crew was wiped out. He loves his Papa. I have the best Dad.

 Crew loves sleeping in the girls room with them. We let him when we have babysitters. Love that my kids all like to sleep in the same room sometimes :)

 Silly Crew hiding in trash can

 Jaylie's school picture from Kindergarten (taken in April or May 2012)

Arboretum fun. We have had beautiful days here!

 Date night :)

 Crew hates napping, but he needs them :) I put him in his bed for a nap then found him like this.

 Crew loves glasses. He is sporting 3D ones :)

 I am over the beehives (12&13 year old) girls at my church and they surprised me for my birthday at church in our class. My friend who is another leader with me had them wear these hats and brought decorations and cake! It was awesome!

 Grinch day at school :) Jaylie is on the top left row.

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