Monday, September 30, 2013

Random Pics

 I found this picture while looking through photos on our computer :) It was taken after Jaylie had her first surgery, when they resected her tumor, before radiation and chemo. I love this picture. Her hair looks so much like Breklyns.

 All ready for school! She got this matching outfit with her cousin Lexi.

 First day of preschool for Breklyn

 Love Crews funny poses for the camera

 My kids in their cancer shirts!

 Jaylie with her 1st grade teacher and class

 We teach the kids to flush the toilet with their foot when we are out in public places, and Crew did it at home :)
 Kip had a dental class in Dallas this summer so we took a trip up there and stayed the night at the Embassey Suites. The kids loved it! They loved the indoor pool and kept saying how cool it was that they didn't have to put on sunscreen. The hotel is hooked to a Bass Pro Shops. The kids loved it!

 We visited our good friends from dental school while in Dallas, the Woods. We miss them!

 Our kids were out when they left late to drive home. It was a really fun trip. I love going on vacations with my family and making memories. So fun.

 Jaylie and Breklyns first official dental appointment. They loved the goodie bags they got :) They both did awesome getting their teeth cleaned!

 Picking blackberries in Nanas garden, they were sooo good!

 Kip bought my dads dental practice at the end of December and is now the owner. My Dad still works there as an employee and Cody (his twin) moved out here this summer and is a co owner with Kip! So fun they all three get to work together. Its a dream for Kip!

 Furniture shopping :) It wears the boys out!

 My kids love getting buddy bucks at heb, its a highlight for them!

 Slip in slide this summer with cousins

 In our new house, there are trails and a creek at the side of our neighborhood. Its fun to go explore over there and its real close to our house :) Its so pretty too! So many beautiful trees and the creek. The kids like to play in it.

 Lexi and Jaylie went to one of Ashleys appointments right before she had Berkley!

 Kendyll came into town and came over one night. Jaylie and Crew were both asleep, but Breklyn got to see her at least! We love Kendyll!!

 A super sweet friend in my new ward hosted a little Mad Hatters tea party for some girls going into 2nd grade. It was so sweet bc both Jaylie and Lexi were new to this school and they got to meet some of the girls at this party, so they had familiar faces at school. Thank you Ashalon!

First day of school in their matching outfits they chose all by theirselves :)

 Cute cousins Lexis first S
unday in TX
 Breklyn went into a store while we were shopping and posed in the windows :)

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