Monday, October 1, 2012

Brain Power 5K

The Brain Power 5k was great! It was at the same park that the Team Jaylie 5k was at last year. It brought back all those memories and Kip and I were both emotional the whole time we were there. We both still get emotional every time we think about how amazing that 5k was for us, and being there and doing another 5k there with a similar cause was really amazing and emotional. They raised I think over $40,000! Jaylie was the only brain tumor child there, the rest were adults as far as I could tell. We all had a really good time. Our friends that we met through Jaylie's cancer came and it was fun hanging out with them. Susan worked at Build a Bear during Jaylie's treatments and her and her daughter, Rachel, gave Jaylie a build a bear at her 5k last year. Then build a bear gave out bears at the cancer clinic one day and Susan was there volunteering with them. Rachel and Jaylie are around the same age and get along great. Rachel brought Jaylie a special gift, a little heart build a bear! They were recalled last year so Jaylie had to turn hers in and get a different one and she is still sad about it and misses her hear bear, Hearty. Rachel heard that she loved Hearty so much and brought Jaylie her little mini heart bear and gave it to Jaylie. It made Jaylie's day! Jaylie still sleeps with it at night, brings it in the car, and sometimes keeps it in her backpack, she loves it so much! Susan and Rachel are special people with amazing hearts. I am so glad to know them!

The Round Rock Express mascot, Spike, was there and of course the kids loved that!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the brain they had there. They had a big blow up brain that you could walk through and read about the brain and different kinds of brain cancer. It was kind of neat showing Jaylie right where her tumor was.

Playing on the bleachers while Kip was running the 5k.

 Blowing bubbles

 A girl from Fox 7 was there doing all the announcements and she let Jaylie and Rachel pick the raffle winners out of the jar. They loved helping!

Encouraging Jaylie at the end of the last lap. She was getting tired, but our saying is NEGU, never ever give up. When we say that, she always tries harder :) Love this girl! I was so proud of her that she ran two whole laps. Kip and I were both worried that she wouldn't even be able to run one. Her energy and stamina picks up more and more as time goes on!

Rachel and Jaylie after the run

They gave medals to the kids after the first lap :)

They honored all the brain tumor survivors that were there and they got little gift bags. Jaylie was so excited to see what was inside! Presents are still her most favorite thing :)

They had a slideshow who photos. Some said in honor of and some said in memory of. I hate that there has to be any in memory of's anywhere.

Standing by Jaylie's sign :)

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