Monday, October 1, 2012

Breklyn goes to preschool & Random Pics

I try to keep up with Jaylie updates but its hard to find time for everything else! I have lots of other pictures of the kids and fun things we did that I want to blog, its just hard to find time.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple months. I am going to start just doing Jaylie updates on this blog and doing a private family one for everything else. 

Breklyn started preschool for the first time! She was sooo excited to go to school and have a backpack just like Jaylie! She loves it and loves having 4 other girls and 1 boy to be with twice a week! This girl loves friends and play dates. Every day she wants to play with friends. She said the other day as we walked past some flowers in the store, that she wanted to buy some for Cassie and Abigail, two of her good friends :) She's a sweetie!

More Cancer Awareness picures

Crew seeing the dentist (daddy!)  He did way better than I though he would!

Jaylie lost her first top front tooth! The permanent one is already coming in a lot!

My precious girl who loves doing fun poses for the camera. I took this before school one day :) I really can't get enough of this girl. I miss her when she is gone to school all day. 

Breklyn loves my shoes! She puts them on and thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world! Love her poses too!

Jaylie and Shelly. Shelly got her a jewerly kit and scrapbook kit after her good MRI results. She always gets Jaylie something after her results and Jaylie loves it! Shelly is so awesome!

Jaylie wearing her necklaces and showing us the scrapbook from Shelly. She is wearing a headband Shelly got her at the MRI before this one :)

 Kip had a birthday!! We celebrated his birthday for 2 days by going out to eat and giving him a bunch of presents throughout the 2 days. It was fun and the kids loved surprising all the time!

Car pictures on the way to eat for daddy's birthday!

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  1. Your kids are so adorable!!!! I pray for Jaylie considering the fact my name is Jaylie too! She's so adorable and I'm sorry that this had to happen to her at such a young age!! May every blessing possible be with you!!