Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MRI on Friday

Has 3 months seriously already gone by? Where is the time going?! Jaylie has an MRI on Friday morning and we get the results on Tuesday morning. We appreciate prayers on her behalf that she will remain cancer free. I will update when we hear. Thanks!

For some fun news, we are doing the Team Jaylie slipper drive again! We are collecting slippers in all sizes, from newborn through adult and will take them to the hospital and clinic for the children with cancer and their families for Christmas. Last year, we did it for the cancer child and their siblings but not the parents. I think it would be great if their whole families got a pair this year. A lot of them spend so much time in the hospital and I wore slippers a lot though all of Jaylie's treatments, so I know the parents would be grateful. Please help spread the word! The more slippers, the better! We love bringing smiles to these sweet kiddos!

Fliers will be coming soon that you can print and take to work, school, etc. to help spread the word. You can contact me at teamjaylieslipperdrive@gmail.com. You can mail or take them to:

Starlight Dental and Orthodontics
10123 Lake Creek Pkwy, Bldg. 2
Austin, TX 78729

Or you may give them to a member of Jaylie’s family or contact me (Jaylie’s mom) and I will pick them up or meet you. Thank you in advance!

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