Thursday, July 21, 2011

Appointment Today

Jaylie had an appointment today to get blood work done and meet with her oncologist. It was the only appointment of the week! It has been so nice not to have to go everyday. Jaylie has been feeling good and still has good energy. I gave her the anti anxiety medication today but she still had a hard time when it was time to poke her port. We had to get the Child Life specialist to come in the Sammie the doll who has a port. They let Jaylie go through all the steps on Sammie (putting the numbing-emla cream on, cleaning it off, poking the port, and taking it out) before getting it done on her. It helped a little bit, she was still scared but did ok. Her counts were good and she hasn't lost any more weight. We are all still hoping she will gain a few pounds in the next few weeks. I got a phone call a couple days ago telling me the date for her next big MRI they are doing to check for cancer. Ever since we got the call, I have had a pit in my stomach. I think it will be really hard and I will have a lot of anxiety before every MRI for the next 5 years. Once we reach 5 years and she is cancer free I will not worry as much, but now it is scary, very scary. Statistics show that if it is going to come back, most of the time it comes back within the first year or two. So this MRI is huge. It is scheduled for August 12th which is the day before the 5k (which we are so excited about!). Then we have an appointment the following Monday to talk about the results. It is so hard not knowing what is going to happen and not knowing if my little girl will be here with us next year or a couple years from now. It is impossible to put in words how I feel and how hard it is but I have faith and hope and know that God's will will be done, I just hope it goes in our favor. Please continue to pray for Jaylie and pray that there will be no signs of cancer when she goes in for her MRI. She also has an audiogram (hearing test) that same day to see if the radiation and chemo she has had thus far has effected her hearing. Please pray that her hearing will be just as good as it was before all this. We appreciate all of your prayers on our behalf.

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