Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Day of Radiation

Jaylie's last day of radiation was yesterday!!! We are sooo excited! She wanted to make cookies for the radiation techs and Olivia (the front desk person). So we made them cookies and she made them cards. She did awesome as always when getting her radiation. The techs and nurse had a gift for her when she was done, it was so sweet. They gave her a Hello Kitty wallet with a gift card to the Hello Kitty store. She loved it and was soo excited! It was kind of sad to see her say bye to everyone. She went around and said bye and gave everyone a hug. Earlier before we went to radiation Nana asked her if she was glad its over or if she was going to miss it and she said she was going to miss it. She has gotten so used to going  and playing Hello Kitty songs in the car on the way there with Nana, and then seeing everybody and taking her "rest". She started to really enjoy resting and listening to her songs. Then she would say bye to everyone and so would her Hello Kitty. I think she really will miss the routine of all that and miss all the people there. They were all so wonderful. It was really weird not having to go today, but great too. I will be able to get so much more done I think. We had to go down to the cancer clinic after radiation to do her labs and exam. It went well, the ativan is working :) Her blood results were good. Her hemoglobin was 10.6 and during radiation they have to keep it above 10, so it is a good thing we are all done with radiation. If it would have dropped below 10 then she would have to get a blood transfusion and the nurses say they take a while, so we are glad we didn't have to do that. Her other counts were awesome and she is doing great. We set up all of her appointments she needs in the next few weeks until chemo starts up again. I was thinking we would get a good break, but there is more appointments than I was hoping there would be. We have labs, tests, scans, etc.   Hopefully the next 7 months will go by fast so we can be done with all this.  After chemo we picked up Breklyn and Crew and went to the Hello Kitty store in the mall. Kip met us there too. Jaylie loved everything in there but ended up getting a lunchbox, water bottle and backpack. We told her she could still get a new backpack and lunchbox even though she can't go to Kindergarten. She is really sad about that, she has been looking forward to Kindergarten for a while now. We figured we could get her all the stuff like she was going to go and let her use it at home on the days a teacher comes to the house. It will make it a little more fun for her I think. The stuff she picked out was really cute! Thank you everyone at radiation! After that we went to her favorite restaurant, Chili's. She loves that place, she asks to go there probably everyday:) She loved it and we celebrated with a molten cake which is her favorite dessert. We couldn't be more proud of her. I am still amazed that she got through 6 weeks of radiation and did not even once need anesthesia. Congrats to Jaylie!!!!

Here are some pictures from her last day of radiation.

 This is a picture of the inside of the card she made for the radiation techs. It is a picture of her laying on the table with her tweety mask on (yellow face). The two girl techs are standing by her helping her and she drew the radio on the desk (she loves her music).
 I wanted to get a picture of what she does the second she lays down on the table. She puts her chin right up into place and closes her eyes. I started taking pictures so she opened them. She is amazing!
 Jaylie with the radiation techs. Two of the guys who helped through most of her radiation were not there. One of the guys works at another location sometimes and the other was a student and got transferred somewhere else. We appreciate all of you!!! Thank you for making this a good experience for Jaylie.
 Opening the wallet she got from them.
 She got to take her tweety mask home with her. Whenever someone tells her she looks tired or asks her if she is tired, she opens her eyes really wide like this. I had just asked her if she was tired :) This girl hates to admit she is tired.

Here are some photos I found that I think did not make it onto the blog.

 Breklyn and Jaylie with Nana at one of the radiation appointments.

 The girls love playing doctor and putting their animals through radiation and chemo. Here is Kitty with the radiation marks on her and then below she is getting radiation.

 Eating after chemo one day.


  1. Jaylie you amaze me! I am so proud of you. I wish I lived closer so I could come to your 5k! It sounds like it is going to be so much fun.

  2. She is so amazing! Congrats for being done with phase one of this!!!! Hugs!