Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visit from Cody & Ashley

Cody and Ashley and their 3 kids came to visit us in Texas! They live in AZ and flew out to see all of us. Kips mom came in from Utah half way through their trip too. It was fun seeing everyone. We won't be able to go anywhere over Christmas because of Jaylie's chemo so this will be the last time we see them for a while. We are so glad they came and had so much fun with them. Cody is my husband, Kip's, twin brother. They are so much alike and are best friends. I get along super well with his wife Ashley. We are a lot alike and have a lot of fun together. Their kids are about the same ages as ours and they have so much fun together too. Can you tell we love them? We are hoping they will move here and the twins practice dentistry together :) Here are some pictures from their visit.
 Lexi and Jaylie had so much fun together.  They were so cute and wanted to be together all the time. They loved doing tricks into the pool.

 All the kids minus Korver in the bath :)

 We did smores in the fire pit one night. Crew's face is so funny here. He is such a funny kid and always is making us laugh.
Cutie girls
Eating smores

 Jaylie at radiation.

 Showing me her non tired face

Lexi went to radiation with us everyday and went to chemo with us too. She was so interested in what Jaylie was doing and was so supportive of her, even at age 5. Love these 2 girls!
To make chemo a little more pleasant for the kiddos, they have popsciles, ice cream, snacks, drinks, x box, dvds, coloring stuff, books, you name it, they proabably have it. It is helpful and makes it where she doesn't mind going as much.
Lexi fell asleep on the way home from chemo. It had been a long day of appointments.
Crew and Korver were so funny. They are in their matching jammies that Grandma got them. Love these two!

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Trey, Breklyn, Lexi and Jaylie waiting for the parade on the 4th of July.  We went and got Round Rock donuts that morning and didn't realize there was a parade there. We decided to stay, it was fun for the kids. And yes most of the kids were in the jammies, we didn't know we would be going anywhere else :)
Breklyn and Trey watching a show 

Uncle Cody with Jaylie and Lexi

 Eating at JJ's. They have the best breakfast ever. Their breakfast tacos are to die for, soo good!

 Crew and Korver in their matching shirts :) Ashley and I have really close to the same taste. We had both gotten these shirts and didn't know it. Our furniture is a lot the same too, its weird! The twins married girls who look similar and who are similar. We are both tall and thin and have dark hair and dark eyes :)

 My parents have this fun sign in their yard. Here are the 4 kiddos.

 Ashley, Cody, Korver, Jaylene-Kips mom, the kids, Me, Crew and Kip
Kip and his mom Jaylene eating tacos from The Mighty Cone. They are super good.

These funny guys down on South Congress performed for the crowd. It was interesting and super funny. This big guy on the left reminded us of a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Will Ferrell.
We got a sitter one night and went down to Mighty Cone and Hop Doddy's (soo good!) and walked around on South Congress. It was fun. They have the best caramel and sea salt shakes. We took these pictures by a wall, its kind of famous now.

The kids had a good time with the babysitters. They made these little beds for their animals :)

Lexi and Jaylie opening a gift that came in the mail to her. It was from our friends in our ward in San Antonio. So much fun and cute things in there! Thank you Kizerian's!

Breklyn posing with her new purse Grandma bought her at Sam Moon

 Breklyn waiting by the door for Grandma to finish her bath :) She loves Grandma! She was able to stay for a few more days after Cody and Ashley left.

 Grandma playing with the girls in the play room

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