Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jaylie's Birthday Party

Jaylie had been planning her party for months and decided on a Hello Kitty party out at my parents house. They live kind of out in the country on some acreage and the kids love it out there. She invited 14 of her friends and I think 11 came. She was so excited! Her Grandma from Utah flew down and was here for her birthday too.  She had so much fun seeing all her friends! She was very particular about what she wanted at her party. She wanted pizza, strawberries, lemonade, water, and cupcakes and nothing more. The cupcakes had to be white cake with chocolate gnash inside with pink cream cheese frosting :) I let her choose everything she wanted. We got online together and she chose the decorations and everything. I tried to make it exactly how she wanted it. When the kids all got there we ate, played a Hello Kitty game, did a pinata, opened presents, had cupcakes, played outside in the tree house, barn and trampline and did tractor rides. I think all the kids had fun and Jaylie had the best time! Here are some pictures. Oh and Jaylie requested that if the girls had Hello Kitty attire that they wear it :-)

Here are some of the invitations she made. She wanted to do them herself instead of buy them :)

Here are some from the party:
 Eating pizza and strawberries

 Jaylie and Shelly

Hello Kitty game. They tried to get the bow on her head :)



 Jaylie got so many great presents! She loved them all.  Nana and Papa (my parents) got her a ticket to see Wicked with us. She loves plays and was so excited!

Sparkler candles!

Pink hello kitty cupcakes :)

All the girls eating their cupcakes

Crew loving his

 Playing outside. It was pretty cold that day but they had fun anyways.

 Checking out the horse

 On the tractor ride my Dad took the kids on

 Jaylie loves this hat! It's her favorite and it keeps her so warm, she insisted on wearing it!

  Crew loves this dog Koda so much! Jaylie loves him too and loved him like this when she was little. Breklyn on the other hand is totally scared of him :)

Crew did not know what to think of this tire swing, he made the funniest faces the whole time.

  Papa and Crew. You can tell by this picture that Crew gets hurt a lot, he is a crazy little boy!!
 Jaylie and Aubrey. Aubrey got Jaylie the same black and silver hello kitty shirt she is wearing, but it was the only one that fit Breklyn so we had Breklyn wear it for the party. They are such cute friends.

 Jaylie picked these flowers for me out in the fields at her party, it was so sweet!!

  At the end of the party, Kindra (my lil sis) took some pics with our camera. I thought this was a funny one!

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