Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MRI tomorrow

I found out this morning that Jaylie is having her MRI in the morning. I usually have a couple weeks notice to mentally prepare myself and Jaylie. She hates the MRI's (mainly bc of having to get an iv in her arm that they tape up real good, and she hates tape) so she had a hard time today when I told her. We usually talk about it for a while leading up to it and we talk about the schedule so she knows when it will be etc but this time we didn't get the chance. I was super mad this morning but the more I think about it the better it is that we didn't have to know before and get scanxiety (scan anxiety). Its nice we are getting it over with. The bad part is that we have to wait a week for the results. We have a neuro onc appointment in one week and we will go over the scans and everything then. It will be nice because Jaylies oncologist and her neuro oncologist will both be at that appointment. One week is long to wait. I'm torn on if I want them calling or not, Im thinking not bc if they call and say we need to come in then I know it won't be good. So I think I'd rather just wait and go in next week. I feel good and at peace about this scan so I think everything will be fine and her scans will look great. I'm not too worried which is nice. For some reason right before her scans Kip and I feel peace and comfort. I know Heavenly Father is helping us and He knows what we need. Jaylie is ok with it now too because she doesn't have to get an iv tomorrow because we left her port accessed from her appointment today. So they will just use her port. They usually are not comfortable using it bc of infection risk and they just don't use the ports enough but they are fine using it tomorrow bc it's already accessed. She was really excited when I told her no iv's! She has her audiogram tomorrow also. We are hoping and praying for no more hearing loss.  Please pray that her scans will go well and will show no sign of cancer and that her hearing will be uneffected by her last chemo dose. Thank you for the prayers, we appreciate them more than you know!

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  1. Wow! Crazy you didn't have much notice this time around! I love that you have a word all figured out 'scanxiety'---clever. :) glad to hear Jaylie is a little more calm knowing she won't have to do an IV. You know we're still praying every prayer with that little warrior in mind. We love you all and hope tomorrow (i guess today, since it's the middle of the night!) goes smoothly and that this week races by only to be followed by happy news. :) good plan, right?? :). Hugs and love to everyone! Love melis