Friday, July 20, 2012

Jaylie's friend Shelly

I'm sure I have mentioned Shelly before on here, she is an amazing person! We first met her in the hospital, she heard about Jaylie and came to visit. She still visits and comes over and plays with Jaylie. She always gets Jaylie things after her MRI's and she is so thoughtful. Jaylie loves her and is so exctied when she gets a chance to see her. Shelly has been through a lot herself and has made it a point to help others in life. She was in a horrible accident when she was little and almost didn't make it.  She also got cancer about a year ago. She has been on mission trips and is part of the Big Sister program too. I am so thankful for her and other people like Shelly who do so much good. Thank you Shelly for loving and being a good friend to Jaylie :)

She came to her birthday party too :)

I took these the other day when she came to visit.

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