Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Pics

Breklyn loves dress up

The girls swimming with a friend

We have been doing lots of swimming this summer!

Earlier this year at the rodeo

Crew getting messy at the park. He is the funniest kid ever. Love his face in the next picture :)

Jaylie and Abigail. Abigail is Breklyn's best friend but Jaylie loves her and gets along with her just as well as Breklyn does. Love her family too! Her mom just found out she is pregnant with a 3rd girl :)

This was when we were moving and we had no where to sit or lay. We were finishing up packing and the kids were so content watching a show on the floor.

Breklyn is scared of a lot of things. She has always been scared of dogs, even my parents dog Koda. Last time we were there she magically said she wasn't scared anymore and was laying by him and giving him hugs and kisses. I was shocked! She wouldn't even get close to him before this day!

Playing dress up and loving their wigs. A friend gave us this beautiful brown wig when Jaylie was diagnosed, but she didn't wear it much because she said it was hot and the hair bugged her when it got in her face and stuff. It looks so cute!

Breklyn and Crew eating watermelon in our new house. Love my little blondies!

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  1. Crew is such a stud. Lily has the same swimsuit as Jaylie! Miss seeing those cute girls!