Thursday, August 2, 2012

MRI on Tuesday

Jaylie has her MRI scheduled for this Tuesday, the 7th.  I can't believe 3 months have gone by since her last one! She has been off treatment for 6 months now, hard to believe! She also has an audiogram on Tuesday. Then we get the results on Thursday at the big appointment with the neuro onc team. I am actually feeling pretty good about this one but am getting more anxious by the day. Over the last few weeks I have felt like she is going to be ok and feel really at peace with it all, which is nice because her last scan I was a wreck. It didn't help that some other kids we know had relapsed around that time. I am feeling much better this time around.

Jaylie is doing awesome! We have been having such a fun summer and have been doing lot of fun things. I feel like I am finally at the point where I can take all 3 kids by myself to the pool, store, park, etc. and be ok. So its been nice being able to do fun things without having to have someone else go with me :) Jaylie is feeling great and acting great, it is such a blessing. Everyday I look at her and realize how blessed we are that she is doing so well and that she is here with us. My heart breaks for all the families who are fighting and those who have angels now. There are so many. Please keep all the cancer warriors in your prayers, Jaylie, Hayden, Jaxon, Carli, Nicole, Bailey, Emmett, Drew, Jake, Todd and so many others.

Please keep Jaylie in your prayers this week for her MRI that we will get good results and there will be no sign of cancer!


  1. Visited your blog for the first time! Thanks for your post and we will be keeping Jaylie and your family in our prayers this week:)

  2. So glad that Jaylie is doing well and so is the rest of the family:). You will be in our prayers this week, and we feel good about things as well. Love you guys, and give the kids a hug from us!!

    Love Ash & Cody

  3. you have a beautiful family,,sending hugs and prayers to you and your family...god bless