Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good MRI Results!!

 No sign of cancer!! Another clear scan, we are so grateful! Thank you for all the prayers and sweet thoughts. Scan time is always so hard, but Kip and I both felt really calm and peaceful about this one. She will have another MRI in 3 months (beginning of November). She gets to stop taking her antibiotics that she has been on for over a year! And she gets to have surgery to remove her port from her chest, its probably the only surgery you actually get excited about :) She starts 1st grade in a couple weeks too and couldn't be more excited! We are truly so blessed to have her in our lives.

Her thyroid is not working like it should, so we are going to see a pediatric endocrinologist and get her on medicine to regulate it. She has been gaining weight like crazy, like 3 pounds every month! I knew it was probably her thyroid because she has been eating healthy and exercising well. Radiation is a horrible thing. Many of the brain tumor parents refer to it as the gift that keeps giving. Radiation caused her thyroid to not work and can cause many other things and its not right away, it happens over time, even 5 years out. Its nasty and not fun, but it saves a lot of kids. I will take thyroid problems any day to have my girl here with me.

 Playing games while waiting to go back for the MRI. 

 After she woke up from the anesthesia she was freezing cold! They have nice blankets that are warm but they weren't helping, so I tried to wrap her up as much as I could :)

 There was an injured butterfly at the hospital while I was waiting for Jaylie during her MRI. A lady I was talking to picked it up, it was so cool!

She always has to get a picture in front of Hello Kitty :-)

  This picture is of Jaylie, Breklyn and Crew with Kendyl. I took some pictures of her with the kids today after we got back from Jaylie's appointment. She watched the kids on Tuesday and then today too.  Kendyl is a true saint. I really can not say enough good things about her. She is the awesome girl who babysits Breklyn and Crew for all of Jaylie's appointments. She did it all through chemo and still watches them for me when Jaylie has appointments. She has served us and has put in so many hours of her time and for that we will forever be grateful. Everytime I think about her I get emotional. She made my life so much easier during chemo, I didn't have to worry about who would watch them, she did it just about every week. She is beyond amazing!!!She is leaving for Utah to go to nursing school in about a week and we are so sad. We will miss her and the kids will miss her.  We love her so much! Thank you Kendyl for all you have done for us!

 Shelly came to visit a couple days before Jaylie's MRI.  Jaylie is wearing the two headbands that Shelly has gotten her. She always gets Jaylie a little surprise they day Jaylie gets her results from the MRI. She is so thoughtful! Jaylie loves hanging out with her!

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