Monday, August 27, 2012

Jaylie's First Day of First Grade!

 Jaylie could not be more excited! For the past 5 days she has told us every 30 minutes that she can't wait for Monday. She did a happy dance last night and was sooo excited! I drove her to school and walked her to her classroom. She found her cubby with her name on it, put her backpack in it, sat down in her seat, then smiled and waved and said "bye mommy!" very excitedly. My little girl is growing up! I hadn't even given her a hug yet! I stayed around for about 5 more minutes, not wanting to leave her there. I miss having her here, but I am thankful she gets to start school with all the other kids. She is so happy!

 My little first grader!

 In front of her school

 In front of her classroom. I already love her teacher!

This was from meet the teacher night before school started. I took Jaylie clothes shopping before school and she saw this shirt and fell in love. It is her fav shirt ever! She was so excited to wear it :) After we met her teacher, we were leaving and Jaylie did not want to go! She wanted to stay at school and never leave! 

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  1. hoooray!! Can you believe this day is really here?! WOW! I love that she was totally thrilled. Of course she was!!
    She looks darling in these pictures and TOO OLD! I love her little hair do, it's like she's got a little pixie cut and she looks as darling as ever. That girl is beautiful.
    So happy for that dolly of yours. Miss you guys!