Sunday, December 30, 2012

Slipper Drive Success!

Thank you everyone from Team Jaylie!! You guys are so awesome to help us out with this slipper drive of Jaylie's!! We have collected over 1250 pairs of slippers for the children with cancer! So amazing! When we made the goal of 1000 pairs, I was skeptical that we could actually make it. I was proved wrong. Thank you thank you! The kids are loving them and it has gotten a really good response. We will probably do it every year around Christmas time because the kids and parents loved it and it was a huge success thanks to all of you! We appreciate the slippers, money, gift cards, and sharing it with others. We got a lot of really generous donations and are so appreciative. We pray that you all will be blessed for it. Thank you!

Here are some pictures :)

Jaylie with the slippers that came in from the Texas Land and Cattle locations. There was around 115 from there. I love how Arronda organized them! Thank you!!

She had the kids decorate sugar cookies and had juice for them and everything. Even had Christmas music playing in the background. The kids loved it!

Jaylie with Arronda the day after we got the slippers from her. I pulled Jaylie out of school for an endocrinology appointment and we met her real quick at Chick fil A before the appointment. Jaylie had pajama day at school :) She had a gift for Jaylie but didn't want to give it to her in front of the other kids :) So thoughtful! She gave her a lamb book and stuffed lamb that sings when Jaylie was first diagnosed. This day she gave her lamb slippers, a lamb ornament and a picture of Christ holding a lamb. So neat! Thank you Arronda! 

Look in the clear tub with the blue lid - Crew is in it :) He loved playing in the boxes and bins. 
This is the second big batch of slippers along with the toys from Jaxon's mom, the True Hope dolls from Eileens project and the toys from Kristen Duke.

Jaylie was awesome at helping organize the slippers into boy and girl piles and then sizes. It was fun! My mom is with Jaylie in this picture. She helped me out so much!

Jaylie up at the cancer clinic standing by her slipper bins. We put the kids ones here under this tree and then teenage sized ones in the teen room under their tree.

A couple of the kids posing with their slippers.

Jaylie and her friend Dani. Dani's family collected and bought slippers and brought them over. So glad we got a picture, so many times I didn't take a picture when people brought them. It really is so amazing that so many people participated. There are so many good people in this world.

This is the third big batch of slippers.

We stapled these tags onto all the pairs of slippers. It was a lot more work than we thought it was going to be :) But it was so fun.

Jaylie posing with slippers. All of these came in after we took the second big batch to the hospital. If we had them all in our house at once, it would have taken up this whole entire room and more. So awesome!!

Jaylie holding one of the fliers we made for Great Harvest Bakery. They put in a laminate sleeve and had it on a bin full of slippers that they brought us. Thank you!!

The biggest package we got came from Georgia. A friend of ours there collected slippers from her friends and people in her ward. It was so fun getting them! Thank you Georgia Families!!

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  1. What a fantastic example of love to you and the family along with the sharing of this love with others. May God bless you for what you are doing and are establishing for the future.