Saturday, December 15, 2012

We now have collected over 750 slippers! Thanks to all of you!! We went up to the hospital tonight and delivered some slippers, along with toys and cd's from Jaxon's family, some True Hope dolls from a friend in NY, and some toys from our friends Joy project. It was a great night. Thank you everyone for being part of it!!

We organized the slippers by size and in girls and boys bins. We had all these here, more at home, and a lot were already passed out in clinic this last week. It's a lot of slippers :) We attached little Merry Christmas tags onto them too.

Jaylie helping push some slippers and toys.

We all went plus my parents and two siblings and our friend Shelly.

We left the party to take stuff to the oncology floor for the patients who couldn't come down for it. We took slippers, toys, and cancer dolls.

Jaylie gave slippers to a teenage boy on the oncology floor and a few minutes later he came out of his room and gave her this bracelet. It was so sweet and she was so excited.

Seeing Santa at the blood and cancer center party. He was awesome, he came into the room singing and was so jolly the whole time he was there :) His child is a cancer survivor so he loves coming to the hospital and clinic. So neat.

All the younger boys liked Kade and wanted him to help them open their presents :)

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