Friday, November 22, 2013


The 2nd Annual Team Jaylie Slipper Drive is going on! Please help us collect slippers! And share with your friends and family too!  We need boys and girls sizes, infant though adult. There are a lot of teenages so we need a lot of adult sizes. Thank you all soo much!!!

Jaylie is getting surgery to remove the area on her skull bone that showed up in her MRI. It is scheduled for Dec. 4th. They will biopsy it to make sure its not cancer. The other spot she had removed last year looked similar and was not cancer, so we are hopeful this one is not either. We will get results on Dec. 10th. Crew, my 3 year old, is getting surgery on the 10th also to get his tonsils and adnoids taken out.  I am not excited about the recovery but I am excited that he will start sleeping better hopefully!  We are going up to Dallas to the Great Wolf Lodge over the Thanksgiving break and are really looking forward to it. I will update again after Jaylie's surgery. Please keep her in your prayers that the spot will not be cancer and that she will not keep getting these spots on her skull. We know prayers work. We are so thankful for all the prayers we felt during our scary time thinking her cancer may have returned. We felt the comfort from all the prayers and we appreciate it!

Here are some pictures:

 Waiting for results with Dad

 Staying busy waiting to get her bone scan and ct scan

 Resting after her bone scan. She had to lay on this for probably 45 minutes. They had The Little Mermaid movie playing that she turned her head and watched when the machine was done scanning her head and neck. They did a full body scan and this is where they saw the spot on her spine they were concerned about. Thankfully it didn't show up at all on her MRI!

 Making fish out of rocks and painting them with Grandma :)

My mother in law Jaylene always happens to visit at the right times. She happened to be there when Jaylie was first diagnosed and then she was here during her MRI and these last scares. She is such a joy to have come to visit. The kids love her so much. These are bad photos from my phone. I have good ones on the real camera I need to get on the computer :)

 These next ones are pictures of my phone screen on Instagram. My little sister Kindra posted about Jaylie. She is so great at writing and her words meant a lot to me. Love that girl :)

 Jaylie's first pony tail since she lost her hair! She was beyond excited about it!! She can't wait for her hair to get longer!

 The day of Jaylie's spine MRI, we found this on our doorstep from someone in our ward (congregation at church). So nice! It had laffy taffy and a comedy cd with it :) Thank you to whoever brought that! It meant a lot!

 Jaylie and I went to Shelly's baby shower. Jaylie was so excited bc she has never been able to go to one!
 Shelly always comes to see Jaylie around the time of her MRI's. She brought her color wonder and pretty flowers. She is awesome! Jaylie loves her sooo much!

My sweet sister in law who lives next door to me now got me beautiful roses and my favorite Lara bars :) Love her!

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