Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween 2013

 My kids were each 3 different things this year :) They like wearing different things to all the different parties and stuff they go to :) We did a super hero theme this year. Kip and I had superman and woman shirts, Crew was hulk, Jaylie was super girl and Breklyn was bat girl. Crew also dressed as spiderman, Jaylie dressed as a pop star and Rapunzel and Breklyn also dressed as a bride and Lady bug love bug. I love seeing all the kids dressed up, its so fun! We went to a neighborhood party, a church party and we trick or treated with the Kenitzers and a couple other families. Jason cooked homemade pizzas on his new grill for us all before we went out. It was fun!
Making cookies

 My kids with the neighbor girls, Kelsi and Kyrah :)

 Our neighborhood Halloween party had pony and horse rides, it was fun getting to know more neighbors since weve only lived here since June.

 Jaylie and Lexi did a dance camp at the middle school, they both had fun!

Codys skeleton and Kips boo!

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