Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013!

Christmas 2013 was awesome! The whole month went by way too fast. I feel like there should still be 2 more weeks before Christmas! With the slipper drive and the two surgeries it flew by and we didn't get to do a lot of things we had planned on doing, but it was still good. Its so nice spending time with family. I love my husband and my 3 cute kids. Its so fun being with them and teaching them service and what Christmas is really about.

Breklyns preschool did a Christmas program. It was so cute and Breklyn did great, she didn't even act shy and knew every word and action to the songs. She is such a doll!

Christmas Sunday dresses

Crew was not too excited to be taking a picture

Sprinkling reindeer food

Christmas morning!

I took this picture to document how nicely my mother in law wraps. All of her gifts always look professional and gorgeous!

I sent out cards this year so late! We tried to get family pictures taken and everytime we were going to do it, it was freezing out, so we kept pushing it back. So we ended up having to do it one afernoon in 30 minutes, thanks to my Dad we got some :) Next year I hope to be the first to send them out!

A friend from NY we have never met does a lot for cancer kids and has gotten involved in Jaylies slipper drive both years. She sent a bunch of slippers and this build a bear for Jaylie in a big box :) Jaylie is obsessed with it! She loves it! Thank you Lynne!

Our decor

A family we have known for a while makes someone an ornament every year and gives it to them :) This year they decided to make one for our family! So cool!

My good friend Ashalon makes these and held craft nights at her house so we could make one. I made this Christ one! It was hard and time consuming but Im so glad I did it. While we were going through all of the scariness with Jaylie, she made me this family one :) She brought it over and it was a huge surprise! I had no idea! She got Ashley and my mom to help with the photos and paper :) It was a lot of work and they are not cheap. I am so thankful for her, we will cherish it forever! I loved having these up in my house this year!!

Christmas breakfast with Santa at Jaylies school.

Best movie!!
Watching a 3d movie :)

We went to BJ's for dinner on Christmas Eve, were trying to decide if we want to make it a tradition or not :) Poor Trey ended up throwing up all over right when the food was served :( Poor guy! Luckily he felt better quickly!

Breklyn "surfing" while playing with Daddy at 1890 Ranch

Frozen custard at Freddys on the day after Christmas!

 Using the karaoke machine my parents gave the kids, they love it!
 Jaylie with her teacher at her school Christmas party. I couldn't go so Ashley took these for me :)

 My parents had a get together on Christmas Eve, it was a lot of fun! They enjoyed dressing the part :)

 After playing hard on Christmas Eve they were so tired. Briggs fell asleep too but woke up right when we got home.
 The kids got a trampoline and a teeter totter that spins too, they love them both!

 Christmas Day after dinner at my parents. The kids had fun playing outside, going on a tractor ride with Papa and hanging out with Aunt Kori. They love her more than anyone I think!

 Crew playing with his cool dough he got from my parents for Christmas.
 Making a gingerbread house. We did it first thing in the morning so the kids are in their jams :)

 My mother in law sent us a smoked turkey! So nice of her! It was really good! The kids enjoyed eating it off the bone!
 New Years! Our friends, the Kenitzers, invited us to go to dinner on New Years Eve, so we found sitters and went to Fogo De Chao, it was fun! We have never done sitters before in New Years Eve, but it was really nice!

Breklyn lost a tooth on New Years Day! So cool! She was super excited! She has been wiggling that thing like crazy lately. We had some families (ones that I grew up with) over on New Years Day to hang out, eat and watch football. The guys stayed in the media room the whole time and the girls just talked and watched the kids. It was fun, I guess I didn't take any pictures though :)

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