Saturday, January 4, 2014

Random Pics

Grandma Jaylene with the kids. She is such a great grandma, we sure miss her!!

I love love love this picture! This is totally Crew! Always naked and loves his boots!

Picture of Kip and Cody from their birthday! The girls at the office are always so nice to celebrate and got them this cake!

Jaylie got sealants!

Time Out for Women (a womens conference for our church) came to San Marcos! It was my first time and was a blast! Crazy stories from it, but so fun and inspiring!

Selfie :) I had just gotten my hair darkened a little after being blonder for summer.

This is Jaylie and her best friend Dani. She always calls her her best friend :) I will forever be grateful for Dani and for the friend she has been to Jaylie. Jaylie was nervous to go to school (it was her Kindergarten year and she hadn't been) after her cancer treatments and Dani was in her class (she also goes to our church, but was in a different building) and was a great friend to Jaylie. Jaylie still talks about Dani being her first friend in school.  Then in first grade, Dani and Jaylie were in the same class again. So fun! So thankful for good friends!

Cute cousins making cupcakes with Grandma when she was here.

Breklyn loves her cousin Berkley! She put her doll next to her to sleep :)

Tiffanie, Myself and Ashley. Love these girls. We went to Clay Pit, a yummy Indian food restaurant for Tiffanies birthday. I am loving Indian food these days!

Breklyn at gymnastics. She loves it! She just got moved up today to the next step called Hot Shots, she is excited.

This is how Jaylie's hair looks every morning! Its crazy!!
Crew pushing his friend Quinn in the doll stroller, they kept taking turns in it :)

Crew put these clips on Kips shirt one day and we noticed, hes so funny.

 My parents sweet sweet dog Koda had to be put to sleep a few months ago. He had tumors and was coughing up blood and wasn't eating for a long time. It was really sad. Its still sad and weird when we go out there that he isn't there to greet us. I will miss him, he really was the best dog ever!

 Eating at the Oasis on the lake!

 Date night driving race cars, it was fun! They went fast!

 The kids love to color.

 Keeping the kids good and listening during General Conference this fall :)

 School carnival activity

 Seeing baby Keisel for the first time! Ryan and Brandilyn had him and we got to see him that day, he is a doll!

 Jaylie at dance, they performed for the parents right before Christmas. She loves hip hop!

 Watching Keisel, he is so cute and smile and laughs a lot. We have the cutest little nephew and niece. Keisel reminds me of Berkley, shes always happy and smiling too!

Another hair shot, its crazy in the mornings

My sweet amazing Grandmother passed away this December. I was so glad I was able to talk with her a week or so before she passed. She knew her time to go was close and it was a really neat conversation we had. I know she is happy and not hurting anymore. I can't wait till I can see her again. I am so thankful for the gospel and for forever families. She taught me so much and helped so many people in her life.
CJ brough Jaysa and Paisley to the funeral, they drove to AZ. I flew in along with my other sibblings and parents. It was so fun seeing these cute nieces. All my cousins and aunt and uncles were there for the funeral. It was a neat special time.

A picture from one of the tables at the funeral. She quilted a lot and made doll clothes and blankets. They displayed some of her stuff.

Kip and Cody go to go to a game together!

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