Monday, January 9, 2012

Jaylie Completed Chemo!!

I really cannot believe that the 6th round of chemo is really over. We thought this day would never come and here it is and it seems unreal. We are sooo excited that she never has to have those horrible chemos again! The last couple days have been good, I can tell Jaylie is excited and we are so proud of her. She has been such a trooper through all of this and is the bravest 5 year old I know. She is my hero!  She had an audiogram on Thursday before her chemo started. Her hearing was great in the normal ranges. She has some hearing loss in her right ear in the high pitch ranges. The audiologist said we don't really use the high pitch sounds in everyday life, she never even tests them normally, only in chemo kids. So I am not too worried about it. The loss wasn't enough to lessen her does of cisplatin, which is the chemo that causes the hearing loss. Jaylie still got the normal dose, Hopefully this round she just did won't worsen her hearing too much. She will have another hearing test in a month. She did so well this weekend getting her last chemo treatments. She felt pretty good, probably better than any of the other rounds, which was super surprising to me. She was quite tired all weekend and still is. We got home Sunday from the hospital and then went to the clinic today to get her nulasta shot (which gives the white blood cells a boost) and they checked her magnesium levels. They were low in the hospital and she has to take magnesium tablets until it gets back up to a normal level. She has never had that before but they said the cisplatin (the chemo she got on Thursday) causes that sometimes. Her red blood cells and platelets were ok so she didn't need a transfusion today. We got back on Friday to get one last dose of vincristine and she will probably need one then. Jaylie was so happy when I told her that was the last time she had to get the nulasta shot, never again! She got so excited! I can't wait for one more month, until her counts go back up and we won't have to do any more blood transfusions or worrying about fevers and stuff. In one month from now, we will really be celebrating! We are now, but we still have a ways to go. Hopefully she will make it through this round without getting fever and infection and she will feel better soon. Once her counts go back up they will have a party for Jaylie for completing her treatments! It will probably be around her birthday too, she will be 6 on the 6th of February. Her next MRI will be around then also, hopefully I will have a date soon, but it should be the first week in Feb., so it should be an eventful one and hopefully a great one!  I know a lot of people are wondering what happens now. After her counts go back up she will have an appointment every month to check her port and get it flushed. They are leaving her port in for 6 months after her treatment in case the cancer does come back, which we try not to think about, or talk about. Even though she has done really well, her prognosis is the same. Its a 60 % survival rate. The statistics show that if it comes back it is more likely to happen in the first year. The second year is also kind of scary. She will get MRI's every 3 months in those two years and then every 6 months I think until she is 5 years out. Once you make it to 2 years, that is pretty good. The 5 year mark is the one that is the most sought after, that will be a great day when we make it to 5 years out.  Please keep praying for Jaylie and praying that her cancer never comes back, and that she will have the least late effects from the radiation as possible. We love your prayers and we feel them. We thank you so much!!

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  1. Hooray for all the good news!! Good job Jaylie. You are an amazing girl. So happy for you that the Chemo is over.We'll continue to keep you in our prayers.