Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Round! Yay!

Jaylie is doing well. Her counts were all good enough to be admitted for her last chemo round this weekend. I can't believe I am actually saying its her last round, its crazy but great. She has done really well so far and is feeling good. She has been eating really well the last few days and ate great on Thursday. She got cisplatin that night and woke up feeling a little sick but she got extra nausea medicine and she was a champ the rest of the day. She had an awesome breakfast and pretty good lunch which is really unusual to eat that much after getting the chemo. She felt good, was happy, and had pretty good energy all day. It was the best she has felt on a Friday during her chemos since probably after the first round. It was great. My Mom brought up Breklyn and Crew today for a while and they had fun playing and seeing us. They love the playroom, so we stayed in there for a while. It's hard having all the kids up at the hospital at once though. I hadn't seen them since early yesterday morning so they both wanted me to hold them and wanted my attention. It was also nap time so they were both tired and fussy, but I am so glad I got to spend time with them. It is still hard being away from them. My parents are so great with the kids and we are so blessed to have them so close and that they are so willing to help out. Anyways, it is awesome to think that Jaylie is all done with getting cisplatin, only has one more dose of cyclophosphomide tomorrow and then only one more dose of vincristine next week.  I am so glad! Hopefully her body will recover fast and she won't get fever or infection when her counts get to zero. So happy for the last round!!

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