Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Fever Today!

Jaylie has been fever free all day today so we are hopefully going to be able to go home tomorrow. The highest her temp got today was 99.9 and they consider anything over 100.5 a fever. Mostly its been in the 98s. The blood cultures are still negative but still could come up positive for another day, which I'm sure they won't :) She got a platelet transfusion this morning, they were super low which I expected because she has bruises all over her body. She will get a blood transfusion tomorrow morning before we hopefully leave. Her ANC is zero so she doesn't feel great and is super tired, but nothing hurts, so that is good. She has just been laying around most of the day. She wanted to go to the playroom today but they advised her not to because she is so vulnerable to getting sick. So we went to the library and picked out a couple movies. She had to wear a mask, which she hates, but she got used to it pretty fast.  She usually doesn't go anywhere when her counts are low so I don't make her wear masks too often. To make herself feel better, she put one on her stuffed lamb and wanted me to wear one too. We played bingo today (you are able to stay in your room and play through the tv) and she won twice. They came around with a prize cart for winning and she chose a gift for Breklyn and then the little lamb that wore the mask. It always amazes me how sweet she is to always think of her sibblings. I miss little Crew and Breklyn. Kip took off work today to watch the kids and my Mom has them tonight and tomorrow. They are in good hands and hopefully I will be able to see them tomorrow! Its my birthday tomorrow, I will be 30. Kinda sad about being 30 and getting older. I knew Jaylies counts would be low on my birthday but wasn't expecting to be in the hospital for it. Its ok though, I enjoy one on one time with Jaylie. And the best present will be getting to come home and having this be our last over night stay ever!! I told Jaylie we can't come back here, only for MRI's and other tests :) Jaylie is excited about my birthday tomorrow and said she wished we were at home because she has some surprises for me in the morning. But I explained she can do it another day or later tomorrow. She is so cute and tries so hard to be secretive when she talks to Kip about it. She is also so very excited for her birthday coming up. She will be 6 on Feb. 6th.  She is having a hello kitty party and really can not wait. She tells me almost every day that she is just too excited and she really can not wait. Its pretty cute seeing how excited she is about it, I love it. She even wanted to make her own invitations. She wrote them all out and chose the wording and decorated them and everything. She has been working hard on them and it has taken a lot of her time because she gets so tired now, it takes her longer to do stuff. They are pretty cute though!

Anyways, she is sleeping peacefully again. It was nice not to have to wake up every 2 hours and worrying about her peeing enough. It still wasn't a very restful night because they were in here taking her vitals and temp a lot, but I can't complain. We have been sooo blessed these last few months. The end is so close, only a couple more weeks and her counts will be up and her MRI will be over!


  1. Mike and Dawn Alvarez ... Patients of Dr. BobJanuary 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    You are all in my prayers each night, God Bless

  2. So glad the fever is going away! Hopefully you'll be able to hang out at your house for a bit of your birthday! And hello, how cute is jaylie with her little party planning skills?!? Too cute. You'll have to take pics of her invites. I totally want to see them with her little wording and everything!!!

    Love you guys so much! Happy birthday in a few minutes! :)