Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures from this week

I know these are horrible quality, I don't have my camera just my phone. So sorry.

Clowns that came around to cheer the kids up on Tuesday. Jaylie lives when people do stuff like this. I am so thankful for them and others like them who volunteer and give of their time to help these kids.

Jaylie half dressed, half in her Jammie's:) with a mask on her and her lamb.

Jaylie just before going to bed listening to Dad do skunky. It's a skunk puppet that she is obsessed with and Kip puts it on and does a funny voice. She loves it and so do other kids!

Pet therapy from Wednesday. One of her favorite things ever.

Breklyn helps Jaylie pull her pole. It was so sweet that she wanted to help. She felt so important too:)

Crew and Mommy. I love this kid, he is so funny!

A juggler who came to her room yesterday. He was really good!

He was funny too.

She hasn't been feeling well enough to do too many crafts this time but she did make me this birthday card! I love it!

My mom sent this picture of the kids at her house. They just got out of the bath :) I miss them!

Pet therapy from today.

 Mom and Jaylie in masks because she is neutropenic. She hates wearing masks and it made her feel better that I was and her lamb was.

 Low counts = Lots of bruising

 Antibiotics they gave her for her fever.

 They had a movie night. They always have popcorn there, but this time an organization sponsored it and there was popcorn, pizza and jumbo sized movie candy boxes. It was so fun! It was the first time Crew sat through a movie. He looked so big in his own chair eating his own popcorn. It was Kung Fu Panda 2. They gave everyone drawstring bags with a homemade blanket, Kung Fu Panda 2 coloring book and crayons. Even Breklyn and Crew got one. It was really neat and touching.

 Eating some ice cream in Jaylie's room. Loved that Crew has his own but wants Breklyns!

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